Banal technology, the obese State and low productivity

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We live in an era of technological intoxication, in which we all bow down in fascination before the Golden Calf of new technologies. However, we ought to ask ourselves an unpleasant question: are all these technological advances really productive? Why it is, then, that productivity growth has slowed down in developed countries? Given that time …

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Spain, drifting rudderless

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Spain’s current situation is extremely worrying. The problem is not that we still don’t have a new government two months after the last elections. In this Welfare State that drags us toward a disguised totalitarian system, to govern and to legislate are considered synonyms, and to legislate is understood as enslaving the citizens with an …

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The Five Experiments: A short essay

When I was kindly invited by our founder to make a presentation in our first meeting, I thought it would be interesting to bring out some global views on what I believe is a multi-generational decline of the Western civilization rather than talking about the very interesting but narrower field of investment…