From independence, freedom and truth

Fernando del Pino

In a world where the opinion of the majority enjoys immediate legitimacy, I strive not to become intimidated and to only bow before the truth.

In a world subjugated by the invisible tyranny of political correctness and monolithic thinking, I beg to differ.

In a world gripped by fears invented by those who just want to enslave it, I try not to succumb to them so I can remain free.

In a world impressed by power-seekers and power-holders, I remain extremely unimpressed.

In a world that trusts the arrogant elite, I know they are no elite and remain deeply committed to liberty.

In a world awash with conformity, herd behaviour and propaganda, I relish contrarian thinking and prefer to do my own reasoning rather than accepting others’ views at face value.

In a world of hurry, I favour slowness.

In a world of artificial complexity and too many choices, I prize simplicity and the power of less.

In a world obsessed with intelligence, I also like it, but rate wisdom higher.

In a world where aggressiveness is seen as a virtue, I prefer kindness.

In a world measured by acquaintances and contacts, I know in the end only my family and a few friends count.

In a world hooked on screens, enslaved to connectedness and addicted to being updated on the immediately forgettable, I still choose paper and freedom.

In a world so certain about cause and effect and with so much illusion of control, I believe in human fallibility, unintended consequences and chance.

In a world of fast talking and noise, I am comfortable with thoughtfulness and silence.

In a world where many think there is nothing beyond that allegedly ultimate creature called Man, I turn to God.

Fernando del Pino Calvo-Sotelo