Warm is better than cold

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Spanish believers in the new global religion of climate change are puzzled and unease by this freezing cold here and in Beijing, where historically low temperatures have been reached[1]. A year ago they blamed a particularly mild January on global warming, as they always do. However, when we suffer a cold wave and snowfalls with …

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Climate alarm and the irrelevance of science

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Due to copyright limitations, this article by Prof. Richard Lindzen will only be posted in Spanish. Sorry for the inconvenience.   Fernando del Pino Calvo-Sotelo www.fpcs.es

The politics of climate

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Ten or twelve years ago I had a long lunch with the representative that Al Gore had sent to Spain, who would later work as a high rank official in the Obama Administration. In those years I had had the opportunity to personally meet President Clinton but not Gore, although I had seen his documentary …

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Annex to Hurricanes and other lies of environmentalism: sources

Due to the unexpected success of my last article and to the interest expressed by some readers from both sides of the Atlantic, please find below an update of its sources:   On the global warming “hiatus”: please see the temperature graph below with satellite data since they began (1979) and, further below, quotes from …

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Hurricanes and other lies of environmentalism (and journalism)

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Today’s environmentalism has degenerated into an ideology as totalitarian as communism, with which it shares not only adherents, but also the massive use of lies. The hysterical superstition of the theory of anthropogenic global warming, blind to the scientific method and to data (and to the absence of reliable data!), is perhaps the greatest example …

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Climate change and political pollution

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There is scientific evidence that our planet’s climate is cyclical and has been changing since the dawn of time, so the idea of “climate change” (formerly known as global warming) is fallacious in itself, since it implies that the normal state of things is a stable climate. The geological history of the Earth has been …

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Climate change? Give me a break

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The mother of all fallacies in the current environmental movement, and by far the most threatening of them, is so-called climate change, probably the greatest ideological-political hoax of all time or, if you prefer, “the worst scientific scandal in history”, in the words of Dr. Kiminori Itoh, an expert in Environmental Meteorology at the University …

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