Euthanasia: barbarians at the gate

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My father was 84 years old when a serious fall left him a quadriplegic. He kept his extraordinary intellectual capacity intact while suffering from an irreversible paralysis from the neck down that only allowed him to move his head a little, a situation aggravated by the progression of a blindness that ended up being almost …

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The silence of the Constitutional Court

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For a year now, Spanish citizens have been suffering from a series of arbitrary restrictions on our fundamental rights and freedoms set out in the sanctum sanctorum of our Constitution. Indeed, those “inviolable rights that are inherent to us”, the freedom of movement, the right of assembly or freedom of worship, have been suspended or …

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Question marks on covid vaccines

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“Happiness and freedom begin with the clear understanding of one principle: some things are under our control and some things are not”. Epictetus’ wisdom does not permeate the self-sufficiency of contemporary man, nor the leviathan State and its protective sham, nor its politicians, focused only on appearance. Panic and haste, which are responsible for most …

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Mistaken beliefs and abusive policies

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  Politicians insist on torturing us with facemasks, but the scientific evidence is skeptical about their effectiveness. If in March the Journal of the American Medical Association said that “there is no evidence to suggest that facemasks worn by healthy people are effective in preventing people from getting sick with respiratory infections.”[1] a recent Cochrane …

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Warm is better than cold

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Spanish believers in the new global religion of climate change are puzzled and unease by this freezing cold here and in Beijing, where historically low temperatures have been reached[1]. A year ago they blamed a particularly mild January on global warming, as they always do. However, when we suffer a cold wave and snowfalls with …

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Project Fear and the tyranny of the incompetents

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The underlying cause of this claustrophobic, sad and ruined Spain is not the Covid itself but rather the tyranny of the incompetents, their ineptitude, their deceptions and their indifference to the suffering of others. Do not link these dictatorial measures, typical of a state of war, with the epidemiological reality, because this typically communist nightmare …

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What is truly happening in Spain

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It is commonplace to describe PM Sanchez as a merely opportunistic politician, a hostage of the extremism of Communist Deputy PM Iglesias and forced to depend on separatists and the heirs of Basque terrorist group ETA, political party Bildu. “How long, you simple ones, will you love inanity?”, wrote the wise king 3,000 years ago …

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Trump’s victory

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Europe has always had trouble understanding the United States. Ronald Reagan resurrected his country, was re-elected president by an overwhelming majority (winning in 49 states out of 50 and getting 525 out of 538 Electoral College votes as compared to 24 states and 332 electoral votes in Obama’s reelection), and went down in history for …

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Don’t blame the Covid: blame the government

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Under the oppressive Soviet communist dictatorship, Russians could not move freely from one place to another in their own country and remained chained to their place of residence by the propiska, a police visa that restricted their freedom of movement. In the same way, with the excuse of fighting Covid, Spain’s despotic Social-Communist government forces …

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Why they are attacking the Monarchy

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“Lies are a constituent part of our government; they are its essential framework”. These words of Solzhenitsyn referring to the Soviet communist dictatorship are perfectly applicable to Spain’s social-communist government that is eating away at the constitutional order in an unprecedented attack on the institutions. I will repeat until I’m hoarse that we are faced …

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