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Fernando del Pino Calvo Sotelo

November 27, 2020

It is commonplace to describe PM Sanchez as a merely opportunistic politician, a hostage of the extremism of Communist Deputy PM Iglesias and forced to depend on separatists and the heirs of Basque terrorist group ETA, political party Bildu. “How long, you simple ones, will you love inanity?”, wrote the wise king 3,000 years ago (Prov. 1, 22). Because the evidence points to a stubborn fact, that is, that Sanchez, who has never corrected or nuanced his Deputy’s institutional subversive attacks to the Constitution or the King, is a “radical leftist” (as defined by the late Socialist leader Alfredo Perez-Rubalcaba) who shares an agenda of regime change with his natural partners: Communist-Leninists, extreme left separatists and the friends of former Basque terrorists. This communist mêlée has almost 60 seats in Parliament, which added to the 120 of the radical Sanchez reach an absolute majority. Therefore, we are facing not only a mutualist symbiosis, that is, an “association of individuals of different species in which the symbionts take advantage of life in common,” but a lasting alliance woven by the strong thread of ideology, resentment and a common enemy. The situation is very delicate, since Sanchez’s huge deception of his voters (promising time and again during the campaign that he would never, under any circumstances, reach an agreement with either Communists or separatists) has made possible something that was not contemplated in our wounded Constitution, that is, that the Congress would fall into the hands of subversive parties and the government into the hands of those who exhibit psychopathic behavior.

This subversive alliance rests on three pillars. The first is Bildu, friends of former terrorists, who, in their own words, seek “a democratic rupture and a republic of their own,” “to overthrow the regime,” and offer Sanchez-Iglesias their help in constituting a Spanish Republic in exchange for the independence of the Basque Country. It is not superfluous to recall that ETA murdered 900 men, women and children with special sadism in the name of Basque nationalism (and also, Marxism, the latter being frequently forgotten). Now, the same government that wants to impose a Orwellian Historical Memory Law to keep alive its mountain of falsehoods about what happened almost a century ago during the Spanish Civil War, wants us to forget the truth of what happened only a few years ago. Thus, the government wants us to remember “its” Civil War but to forget the murders of ETA terrorists in order to embrace its political heirs who have never denounced ETA, nor showed remorse nor apologized. That’s why Sanchez legitimizes Bildu with a lot of hype (with every intention) bleaching and starching some bloody clothes.

The second pillar is ERC (Leftist Republicans of Catalonia), the extreme left Catalan separatists and promoters of the seditionary coup of 2017. Again, the third letter of the acronym distracts from its character as a radical left and republican, that is, contrary to Article 1.3 of the Constitution. Thus, ERC will always be a preferential partner for regime change over the bourgeois nationalism of the old Catalan CiU party (now JxCat) who ruled the region for many decades, and who is intended to be replaced as the hegemonic force in Catalonia by ERC’s revolutionary and extreme left nationalism.

The third pillar is the two-headed hydra Sanchez-Iglesias, creator of the good-cop/bad-cop narrative with which they feed the imagination of some journalists and of those who hover around power too close to have any perspective. Sanchez said that he wanted to “build the new Socialist Party (PSOE)” for which he parasitized the old one until its death. Although Sanchez, some ministers in his government and the PSOE are three different animals and not always coincidental, Sanchez is the boss. That is why I believe that the old moderate Social-Democrats who used to rule the Socialist Party are mistaken in clinging to the hope of getting their old party back, because it’s already dead. They should focus their efforts instead on creating an exciting New Social Democratic Party that will attract those inertial voters who, for now, are unaware that they are voting a fake.

The other head of the hydra is Deputy PM Iglesias and his Communist party (almost a family business as he and his wife lead the party), with its shrinking 35 seats in Parliament, and who, as a good Leninist, allies himself with all the subversive elements he can find at hand to achieve the totalitarian power he ambitions, as he confessed with shivering coldness when he announced to the opposition in Congress that they would never again sit in the Cabinet.

This alliance is playing a game of deception, advancing furtively and hiding its true intentions with distracting maneuvers that chloroform public opinion (and the EU!) so as to slow down and weaken any reaction. The disguise of having a few respectable ministers in the government (who are absolutely dispensable to the leader as soon as they fulfill their role as a cover) means nothing, as history repeatedly shows. Upon reaching power, Hitler kept the Foreign Minister of the previous democratic government, the aristocrat Von Neurath, and used his continuity and respectability to confuse the world about his real intentions. In order to mislead the unsuspecting observer, Sanchez pretends to be frustrated by a supposed inability to reach agreements with the center-right and uses other non-suspect parties to create confusion about his true intentions, such as the legatees of CiU (JxCat), Ciudadanos and other minority parties (dragged along by their desire for limelight and short-sightedness). Paradoxically, one of these groups is the Basque nationalist party PNV, founded by a messianic hater who described Spain as “the most abject nation in Europe, whose tearing down would be celebrated with true joy” and champion of hypocrisy in the face of ETA’s terrorism. However, the PNV is not Marxist but bourgeois, and therefore is not invited to the revolutionary party. As in Catalonia, the aim is for the supposedly “moderate and right-wing” nationalism to be replaced by another, revolutionary and radical-left one. Thus, the limelight that Sanchez-Iglesias give as a gift to both ERC and Bildu is not casual but intentional in order to achieve a radical left hegemony in both Catalonia and the Basque Country (they would also like to do it in NW region of Galicia) as a battering ram for regime change. The father of the invented Galician nationalism, Castelao, explained it to us with his beautiful Galician prose in his book Sempre en Galiza (1944): “Catalonia, Euskadi and Galicia have the mission of transforming the legal structure of Spain”, because “only in a broken Spain will a leftist Spain subsist”.

The Dark Side knows that the key of the vault, the system’s last line of defense, is the monarchy, thus becoming an enemy to be beaten. Aware that they will never have a sufficient majority to amend the Constitution, they intend that it will be the King himself the one to break the system, giving up under pressure and abdicating. They would love to see him lose popular support (hence the artificially prolonged campaign to discredit his father, former King Juan Carlos, for his past personal deeds), but since this is extremely difficult given King Philip’s enormous popularity, they will try to make him believe that he has lost popular support even if that is not the case at all. That is why they feign to carry out properly manipulated surveys about the monarchy, not in vain did Stalin emphasize the importance of undermining the morale of the adversary with campaigns of harassment and disinformation. New campaigns with new targets seem imminent. This is not blank ammunition: the offensive is serious.

Naivety, political correctness or silence have no chance of stopping this assault on our legal order, on the unity of our nation and, most importantly, on our freedom. The great Martin Luther King said that “there comes a time when silence is betrayal”, and Burke recalled that “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing”. In Spain evil has a definite plan and advances inexorably thanks to the non-appearance of the non-opposition Popular Party, led by a lightweight non-leader, while the only real organized opposition of the right wing party Vox, which hold 52 seats in Parliament (the Socialist old guard is not organized yet) is neutralized with effective stigmatization of extremism and the accomplice media silencing. Spain remains defenseless. Will it be declared an open city? The EU should be worried.


Fernando del Pino Calvo-Sotelo


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