The “useful” vote in multi-party democracies

Published in Expansión

Dear reader,

If the adult citizen in adult democracies must always take with a grain of salt whatever politicians and their cohort of friendly media say, in pre-election periods the manipulations from all these power-junkies are so aggressive that he’d rather protect himself with body armor and a huge dose of skepticism. With general elections to be held in Spain on April 28th, that is precisely the case with the call to vote to the most “useful” party to beat the incumbent socialist President Sánchez, the worst and most dangerous president we’ve ever had in our entire democratic period, a radical leftist with no scrupules whatsoever and an agenda of regime change with his partners, the Venezuelan Maduro regime -friendly communist Podemos. However, this call to concentrate the vote in the Popular Party (from its very beneficiaries) seems ill concieved from both a mathematical point of view and a moral one.
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