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The Trumputin Complot

Fernando del Pino Calvo Sotelo

June 26, 2017

It’s always healthy to take what the media portraits with a huge dose of skepticism and another one of common sense. All the evidence suggests that the supposed collusion between the Russian government and Trump is about as credible as the WMDs in Iraq, in other words: it’s a lie, a fabrication, a puerile, stupid game of smoke and mirrors and therefore Trump´s victory at the elections (or rather, the defeat of the eternal candidate Clinton II) was entirely legitimate. And so we find ourselves confronted with a smear campaign aimed at taming the rookie, paralysing his political activity and even overturning the voters’ choice  with a covert coup d’Etat.

The permanent shadow power in the US -also called the Establishment- is on a war footing.  Obama (Saint Barack, according to the media) was the perfect puppet president, amiable, non-executive and completely innocuous, a paradigm of political correctness who mainly dedicated himself to smiling and giving eloquent speeches, to skipping down the steps of Air Force One as if he were out for a jog and to appearing in shirt sleeves with an easy-going air. Only from time to time did he act like the CIO (Chief Ideological Officer) of a tremendously ideologically biased Administration. Trump owes nothing, is politically incorrect, independent (his most dangerous trait in the eyes of the Establishment) thanks to a fairly clean record (nothing murky has been uncovered in his real estate dealings) and, to top it off, wants to act like the CEO of the country, something that the Establishment finds unacceptable and frustrating: instead of a Clinton II with a whole host of skeletons in the closet (which would have been easily manageable) they have come up against something incomprehensible and terrifying which for them is more akin to The Thing.

Trump has four main enemies. His first and worst enemy is himself: he suffers from the usual pathology of power and is tediously boastful, a bluffer surprisingly imprudent for a person of his age and experience. However, the same media that childishly diagnoses the current president with the 297 mental disorders of the DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) overlooks the extreme narcissism of Saint Barack or the arrogance of the elitist Clinton II, who believed she was above the law and looked down on her fellow citizens.

Trump’s second enemy is the abovementioned Establishment, vaguely called Washington DC, which includes the nomenklatura (professional politicians and beneficiaries of crony capitalism), the bureaucratic machinery and the (supposed) intelligence agencies. This is a logical enmity: Trump has become president as an outsider making clear an apparent intention to clean up Washington DC (“drain the swamp”), promising to drastically reduce the number of regulations, freeze the Federal Administration staff and curb lobbying activities. As for the intelligence agencies, Trump committed the audacity of criticizing them, suggesting a rapprochement with Russia (which would certainly be as helpful for world peace as disturbing for the intelligence bureaucracies) and calling to an end to the State Department’s addiction to regime change. However, this is anathema to the military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned of in his farewell speech, that machine of power and money that lives off having a big enemy. Shifting enemies in the people’s minds is hard, so Russia, out of inertia and historical habit, is the ideal candidate. But what is the exact nature of this Russian threat today? Since the fall of Soviet communism, Russia doesn´t appear to have had a hegemonic will and possibly hasn´t got the capacity for it, and is an ally in the fight against radical Islam. It’s one thing to curtail the abuses of power that Russia might exercise over its Eastern European neighbors, or to disagree about what the right balance of power in the Middle East should be, but it is quite another to isolate and provoke Russia in a way that was never done with the aggressive, expansionist USSR. How can we in all fairness compare the hostility towards Russia with the deference shown to other regimes that are considerably less scrupulous on civil liberties, like China and Saudi Arabia (to cite just two examples), that appear to be “best friends forever” of a West that is submissively silent about human rights, religious freedom or the exportation of fundamentalism?

Trump´s third enemy is the Democratic Party which, ironically enough, seems to have temporarily lost its democratic scent. Indeed, the Democrats are yet to accept their massive defeat a few months ago in which the Republicans not only regained the presidency but also retained, with very few changes, the majority in both Congress and Senate (did all the Republican Senators and Members of Congress also collude with Russia?). The Clinton dynasty’s pretender to the throne – who won the primaries unfairly aided by the party apparatus but was incapable of winning the election despite of having virtually 100% of the press behind her – has blamed her defeat on everyone and everything but herself. Thus, the Democrats’ inability to accept the electoral result set in motion a maelstrom (“a situation or state of confused movement or violent turmoil”): it was suggested that members of the Electoral College should not respect the vote of the electorate, furious protests were organized (and featured episodes of violence) and there were repeated boycotts of conferences given by Trump supporters at a number of universities (in a purely totalitarian style). Later, Russia was fleetingly accused of having manipulated the results by having hacked into the electoral computer systems and now is vaguely accused, without specifying how or providing any evidence whatsoever, that they influenced voters as if by magic with the collusion of the Trump team (allow me an ironic comment here: only the US establishment would be morally legitimized to influence the political processes of other countries).

Trump´s final enemy is the media, whose sad and widespread decline does not justify its patent neglect of the basic norms of objectivity and respect for the truth. In fact, rather than defeating his opponent (who defeated herself), Trump actually defeated (resoundingly so) the Fourth Estate, which is now taking its revenge because it cannot tolerate a president who so overtly exposes its all too frequent slander, ideological bias and lack of rigor.

I don´t know if the Establishment will achieve its ends with this fanciful tale of obstruction of justice (on an inexistent case) or whether, as would seem more likely, it will make do with dragging out the shadow of doubt until these vague accusations silently tiptoe out of stage without any explanation. In any case, I would like to see an end to this sorry spectacle coming from the US, a country I admire, and instead start judging the new president for his policies. For instance, why not praise him for his wish to reduce regulations, taxes and the size of the State, his pro-Life stance and interest in securing a Supreme Court majority against the social engineering so destructive of the family, or for curtailing the ludicrous climate change hysteria, opposing the Islamic State and advocating detente with Russia. And also, of course, I would like to see him strongly criticized for his dangerous drift towards protectionism, for his simplistic populist views of the reasons of industrial decline in North America (are buyers of North American cars really willing to pay higher prices to subsidize Michigan workers?), or for his rambling and constant bluffs. We undoubtedly need more composure and more seriousness. But this unashamed lynching of a legitimately elected president in such an admirable political system as the US democracy should be of huge concern to us all.


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