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The massive failure of Communism

Fernando del Pino Calvo Sotelo

November 29, 2019

I keep engraved in my memory memories of my trip to the Soviet Union in 1983: the fear of the people, the oppressive police presence, the empty shelves in the shops, the desperate black street market and the central lanes of some Moscow avenues reserved for the ZiL limousines of the leaders of the Communist Party. I also remember the fall of the Iron Curtain a few years later and the indelible images of a family fleeing from East Germany and coming out of their ramshackle Trabant car, just across the border from Czechoslovakia, to embrace each other in tears celebrating their recovered freedom.

In the long history of humanity there has never been an ideology more tyrannical or more criminal than Communism, which imprisoned a billion people in its own countries and murdered more than 100 million human beings, five times more than Hitler’s and his National Socialism’s horrible genocide (Rummel, 1987; Courtois et al, 1997). In absolute terms most of the Communist murders were committed by Lenin and Stalin in the Soviet Union and Mao in China. In relative terms the greatest communist atrocity corresponds to the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, who executed a quarter of their country’s population (two million people). In fact, after a century of communist experiments in dozens of countries on four continents we do not find a single example, not one, in which communism has not been synonymous with the destruction of freedom, repression, torture and death, corruption, poverty for the people and luxurious lifestyles for the Party’s leaders. Communism was so hellish that the Communist states had to erect walls and wire fences at the borders not to prevent foreigners from entering, but to prevent their own citizens from leaving, eager to flee. It was the first time in history that borders became the walls of a prison for the citizens of the country.

In more recent times a Bolivarian communism has developed in Latin America supported by the old communist dictatorship of Cuba. The greatest exponent has been Venezuela’s Chavez and Maduro, a tyranny admired by Leninist-Communist Spanish party Podemos, that in just twenty years has completely destroyed a rich country, which owns the largest oil reserves on the planet (larger than Saudi Arabia!), making 15% of its population flee into exile and provoking the same result Communism has always had: repression, torture, enormous corruption, destruction of freedom and death; hunger and misery for the people and luxury for its leaders.

Once a communist occupies power, he never voluntarily abandons it. There they are still in Cuba, Venezuela or North Korea, and there they would still be in Bolivia with Evo Morales if the OAS had not denounced the electoral fraud with which he intended to perpetuate himself in power. It’s no accident that Venezuela and Bolivia are the godfathers of Spanish Communist parties Podemos and the smaller Mas Pais, who plagiarized their party names from those countries (Podemos was a Venezuelan party and MAS is the party of Evo Morales) and imported the typically Leninist dialectic of confrontation and opportunism. Thus, they took advantage of the brutal economic crisis after 2008 (what a smiling Iglesias called a “Leninist moment”) to try to occupy power in Spain on the shoulders of the anger and despair of the duly manipulated masses, after selecting and pointing out a scapegoat to be labeled the “enemy of the people”. Lenin’s handbook, wow. These are the ones that will reach the government of Spain as minority allies of Sánchez’s Socialists (if you want to know them better, reread my article “A Real Threat to Spain”, EXPANSION 13-11-18 and

Well then, despite its historical succession of colossal failures, the radical left calls itself “progressive” and is considered exempt from all guilt. In Spain this halo is based on the falsification of the history of the Second Republic in the 1930s under the leftist government of the Popular Front, which is labeled as an idyllic democratic regime when in reality it was a violent “communist revolution in progress” (as Churchill put it). It also relies on the everlasting alibi of Francoism, which lasts, and lasts and lasts. Thus, in our country “dictatorship” and regression are assimilated to the right, and freedom and progress to the left. The right-wing parties lack the rights to defend their ideas and are immediately labelled extreme right-wing, radical or fascist, while those on the left have carte blanche and are never extremists but, at best, “populists”, that nondescript adjective that does not distinguish Trump from the admirers of mass murderers. The double standard includes corruption: if committed by the right it is unforgivable, but when the left is to blame the media turns a blind eye. Thanks to the left-wing halo, for example, the irrefutable fact that violence in Spain in the last half century has been practically the monopoly of the radical left has gone unnoticed: murderous terrorism (ETA and the Grapo were Marxists), violent demonstrations (Podemos, Catalonian and Basque separatists), intimidating, yelling gatherings in front of political adversaries’ homes and boycotts of conferences of political opponents have almost always been carried out by leftists.

Well, four decades of leftist cultural hegemony achieved thanks to this falsification of history, to an accomplice journalism so often ignorant and sectarian (with the usual few exceptions) and to an absent, clumsy and self-conscious right, together with the abject immorality of current Socialist PM Sanchez, will most probably bring to the government an extreme left-wing Popular Front allied with those who hate Spain that will accelerate the process of regime change to end the monarchy and Spain’s national unity, will carry out an unprecedented attack on fundamental rights and freedoms and will bring a significant rise in unemployment and poverty. Likewise, prepare yourselves for an abuse of language that will reach unprecedented thresholds of brazenness, like the Orwellian Newspeak: the most indecent lie will be called truth; the silencing of dissidents, democracy; violence will be called peace; equalizing terrorists with their victims, justice; the rupture of Spain, dialogue; the confrontation between Spaniards, dignity and harmony; the fulfillment of the law, fascism, and non-compliance with the law, freedom.

The moderate socialism represented by respected retired politicians such as Leguina, Redondo, Vazquez, Gonzalez or Rodriguez-Ibarra has been orphaned and it is a matter of time before millions of naïf and inertial voters of the Socialist Party realize this huge deception, pathological mark of PM Sanchez. However, take note that apart from the Old Guard (again, all retired) not a single Socialist politician has criticized the agreement with the Bolivarian communists of Podemos, limiting themselves to a shy whisper of “caution” regarding the necessary agreement with Catalan separatists, a true display of hypocrisy arisen out of fear of losing electoral support in their own constituencies rather than out of responsibility towards their own country and the Constitution they swore. If we add to this the fact that Socialist militants are today closer to radicalism than to social democracy (“the masses are radicalized,” a former socialist minister confessed to me) and that former Socialist PM Zapatero, the one who lit the fuse of the process of regime change, has for years been an impudent advisor to the Bolivarian tyrant Maduro and the aspiring leader of Podemos, Iglesias, it can be concluded that the moderate Socialist Party has died. Welcome to the Bolivarian Socialist Party.

Perhaps this legislature will be brief enough not to sink the nation and long enough to serve as a necessary collective catharsis to vaccinate us against the plague of the radical left. However, this catharsis is not without risk, since the Bolivarian socialists and communists do not recognize moral or legal limits to their will to remain in power at all costs. “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing,” Burke said. Silence is no longer an option. The enemies of freedom and of the nation are here.


Fernando del Pino Calvo- Sotelo


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