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The law of silence (II)

In the first part of this article, we denounced the law of silence that the political-media-pharma complex wants to impose on the colossal failure of the mass vaccination program against covid and we elaborated on the first requirement for any vaccine, which is that of necessity, concluding that given the mildness of covid for the vast majority of the population, covid "vaccines" were only necessary for the at-risk population.

Fernando del Pino Calvo Sotelo

August 3, 2022

In the first part of this article, we denounced the law of silence that the political-media-pharma complex wants to impose on the colossal failure of the mass vaccination program against covid and we elaborated on the first requirement for any vaccine, which is that of necessity, concluding that given the mildness of covid for the vast majority of the population, covid “vaccines” were only necessary for the at-risk population.

“Effective” covid vaccines? What a joke

But in addition to being necessary, a vaccine must be effective. In the case of these “vaccines”, although the initial clinical trials showed high effectiveness (after only two months), it soon became clear that, once again, the trials led by the pharmaceutical companies themselves must be taken with a grain of salt, as the economic incentive for them is enormous and the conflict of interest of the regulatory agencies, with their revolving doors, is enormous as well. Already in January 2021 the British Medical Journal, one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, found data in the regulator’s report on the Pfizer vaccine, not shown in the publication of clinical results, that raised serious questions about the actual initial effectiveness of the vaccine[1].  

Subsequently, several studies showed a rapid decline in efficacy within a few weeks and with the emergence of new strains, such as delta[2]. But what are these vaccines whose efficacy lasts only a few weeks, and which do not prevent either infection or transmission? Are they so useless that in a few months we need to take four doses, potentially putting our immune system at risk, as the European Medicines Agency warns[3]? Have you ever contracted the disease against which you were vaccinated, as happened with covid? Have you ever had to be revaccinated three or four times in a few months because the vaccine lost its effect in a few weeks? I have not.

The covid “vaccines” were never sterilizing and therefore never prevented transmission of the disease. Moreover, it soon became evident that they did not prevent contagion either. Despite this, and in full knowledge of the falsity of the argument, the power junkies imposed a “covid passport” restricting the freedom of the unvaccinated under the pretext that the vaccinated were automatically free of the disease. At the same time, they demonized those who did not wish to be vaccinated by making the population believe that their health depended on their neighbor being vaccinated. Magically, and for the first time in history, the vaccine protected the person who got the jab only if everyone else got it as well.

Those who orchestrated this maneuver knew perfectly well that all this was a gigantic hoax, but they went ahead anyway, because the motive was not about health, but about power and money. The worst thing is that this charade based on coarse lies was supported by the Spanish Supreme Court in a ruling so contradictory and absurd that its reading continues to cause blushes[4].  

Pfizer’s CEO admitted in January 2022 that the two doses (you know, the ones that were going to bring about herd immunity, end the epidemic and bring us back to normality, etc.) offered “very limited, if any” protection against Omicron, while the three doses, according to him, offered only “reasonable” protection against hospitalization and death and “less than that” against contagion[5]. Despite this, the EU, true to its totalitarian drift, has recently extended the covid passport for another year. Why? The obscure reason, of course, is not sanitary, because we know that covid vaccines do not prevent neither contagion nor transmission. What is the reason, then, but to try to perpetuate an Orwellian instrument of population control, which is what it was all about in the first place?  

Different studies have shown an even worse reality, since the effectiveness in preventing contagion may have become negative and the effectiveness in preventing death has fallen sharply and is now zero, as suggested by data from the UK[6]. In Spain, according to official data from the Ministry of Health, 90% of those infected and 84% of those who died from covid in the first quarter of 2022 were fully vaccinated[7]. Given that the average vaccination rate in the period was around 82%, these data would suggest that both the effectiveness in preventing infection and the effectiveness in preventing death have become zero or even negative, even though the opaque weekly rates contradict this. How did the Ministry of Health react to these data? By dropping the information in its updates.

Naturally, despite the official data, the media repeated like a mantra the lie that practically only the unvaccinated died from covid, which makes me wonder what percentage of journalists today are interested in the truth (it is also worth asking what percentage of journalists even know what a percentage is).

The most recent official data from the Netherlands and Canada also suggest that the effectiveness of the vaccines against covid severity and death drops to zero within a few months and then turns negative[8], which would mean that those vaccinated with two doses would be at greater risk of being hospitalized and dying from covid than the unvaccinated. If these data are confirmed, what is going on, how can this be possible? Do these vaccines damage our immune system?  

Significant adverse effects

Throughout 2021, pharmacovigilance services in many countries began to reveal that covid “vaccines” and gene therapies were having an unprecedented level of adverse effects. More worryingly, the number of deaths after vaccination was multiplied compared to previous vaccines. In other words, there have never been so many adverse effects, so many serious effects and so many deaths following a vaccine.

Today, a multitude of adverse effects are well documented. In addition to the sudden death of healthy people, from a 22-year-old who died a week after vaccination, with an autopsy and forensic report stating that the cause was the vaccine[9], there are serious ischemic and cardiovascular effects, such as stroke[10], thrombosis and thrombocytopenia, pulmonary embolism[11], myocarditis and pericarditis, atrial fibrillation, angina pectoris, palpitations, tachycardia and arrhythmias[12]. Myocarditis or inflammation of the heart in people under 40 implies that harm has been caused gratuitously, given the mildness of covid for that age range, particularly immoral in the case of teenagers, for whom the mRNA vaccine would have multiplied the risk of myocarditis up to 133 times higher than normal[13]. Remember that this myocarditis is a potentially serious condition “of uncertain medium-term prognosis,” according to the British JCVI[14].

There have also been ocular[15], dermatological, immune, and neurological[16] adverse effects, such as cerebral venous sinus thrombosis[17], Bell’s palsy[18], acute transverse myelitis[19] and herpes simplex and zoster[20]. Other effects of the vaccines have been strange menstrual disorders[21] and a reduction in male fertility[22] correlated (although correlation does not necessarily imply causation) with the statistically significant reduction in births in the first trimester of 2022 that occurred in several countries.

Some studies have gone further to highlight the damage to our immune system produced by these inoculations: “mRNA vaccines promote sustained synthesis of the SARS-CoV-2 peak protein, which is neurotoxic and impairs DNA repair mechanisms, and suppression of type I interferon responses results in impaired innate immunity”, concluding that “mRNA vaccines potentially cause an increased risk of infectious diseases and cancer[23]“.  

Incredibly, when many of these adverse effects were well known there were “experts” who continued to claim in the media that the only side effect to be expected was a reddening of the arm from the jab, an example of the sheer ignorance with which some have abused the authority of the white coat, at best, or the power of the tentacles of the pharmaceutical industry, at worst.

Finally, two recent studies paint an enormously worrying picture. The first of these, published as a pre-print in The Lancet, concludes that all-cause mortality in those vaccinated with mRNA is higher than in those not vaccinated[24], i.e., that mRNA vaccines not only do not reduce mortality, but slightly increase it. Tellingly, its lead author, a Danish physician, acknowledged that “I have been in this business for many years, and I know that there are powers out there who are not interested in really digging into these findings[25]“.

The second study conducted to analyze the adverse effects of mRNA vaccines, echoed by the well-known epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff[26], was led by the editor of the British Medical Journal, Peter Doshi[27]. It concludes that the risk of being hospitalized for serious adverse effects from covid “vaccines” is greater than the supposed benefit of reducing the likelihood of being hospitalized for covid, i.e., that mRNA vaccines cause more serious adverse effects than they prevent.

I mentioned pharmacovigilance services earlier. In the USA, this service is the VAERS, an official database co-managed by the CDC and the FDA, which showed already in 2021 that more people had died after vaccination against covid in a single year than the sum of deaths after vaccination by all types of vaccines in the last 30 years:

If this increase is not statistically significant, what is? In the first six months of 2022, with the “booster” doses (which boost the official narrative, I suppose) the trend has continued.

The biggest public health scandal in history

In parallel to the alarming pharmacovigilance data, a statistically significant excess mortality is being observed in many countries (Spain included)[28], particularly among the elderly, triple vaccinated. Most of these deaths are not due to covid (in England, 85% of the excess deaths in recent months are due to non-covid causes[29]). This is all the more serious because after the excess mortality caused by the epidemic in 2020 today there should be fewer deaths than normal, as those who died from covid did so prematurely.

However, just the opposite is happening: what are these people dying of? Given that most of the excess mortality is due to “cardiovascular diseases and strokes[30]“, that the main adverse effect of covid vaccines is isquemic and cardiovascular in nature, and that there are studies that show a positive significant correlation between vaccination and subsequent mortality, all indications suggest a cause-effect relationship. Why are the causes not being investigated?  

The indiscriminate vaccination program against covid has been the fruit of an aggressive campaign based on lies. First the media terrorized the population with a daily bombardment of horror stories. Then, promising early treatments to prevent hospitalization of those falling ill were systematically boycotted. Given that if there was an effective treatment, the “vaccines” could not receive emergency regulatory approval, it is unavoidable to suspect a cause-effect relationship. Remember how unprecedented it is that two years after the start of the pandemic there were no international best practice protocols. Finally, natural immunization was grossly neglected for the first time in history, making the population believe that only vaccines (and not our wonderful immune system after passing the disease) could protect them.

The main health policies put in place to fight the epidemic have turned out to be a fraud. Lockdowns have ruined the health and economy of thousands of people without any epidemiological benefit. The masks’ farce has only succeeded in enriching crony commission agents of politicians and making fear chronic. It has also facilitated the vast proliferation of bacteria and fungi close to our respiratory tract (including staphylococci and microsporum) to the extent that a group of Japanese doctors published a study in Nature a few days ago calling for immunosuppressed people to avoid the repeated use of masks[31], just the opposite of what our useless (and sometimes sinister) health authorities recommend.  

But what is more relevant is that there should never have been a universal vaccination program, and even less so with hastily produced and largely experimental botched vaccines. At best, these vaccines and gene therapies have quickly proved ineffective. At worst, they have caused more harm than good in a large part of the population, and serious evidence points towards the fact that they have caused thousands of deaths. And who knows if it is the vaccines themselves that have fueled the emergence of new variants, as virologist Geert Vanden Bossche states in an open letter to the WHO[32].  

VAERS data suggest that doctors and emergency services are witnessing a bizarre increase in sudden deaths, strokes, heart disease, pulmonary embolisms, thrombosis, herpes simplex and zoster, and a variety of rare conditions of all kinds, but, despite abundant scientific evidence, it is still categorically (fanatically?) denied that it could be due to “vaccines” even blaming covid itself for many of them, even months later, without any serious scientific basis.

Naturally, it does not help that many doctors recommended these “vaccines” with great levity to their patients and acquaintances (regardless of their health status, age or whether they had passed the covid), but, as a matter of course, without signing a single prescription.

This vaccination program must stop now, as doctors from around the world are beginning to demand in publications such as the Virology Journal, arguing that being vaccinated against covid “is a major risk factor for infections in critically ill patients[33]“. In spite of all this, the political-media-pharma complex is trying to impose its law of silence on what is probably the biggest public health scandal of all time. If truth must be honored, we cannot allow that to happen.  

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