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Climate Change

Politically correct ecology: the new tyrant

Fernando del Pino Calvo Sotelo

December 11, 2015

The Western citizen of the 21st century thinks he is free, but he is not. He has been led to believe that liberty mainly consists in voting one day every 1,461 for a group of people who will have nearly unlimited power for the remaining 1,460 days. Anaesthetized by such political freedom, his personal freedom has been slowly but relentlessly reduced by the very same people politically elected, who remain insatiably hungry of ever increasing levels of power. One of the tools used by these power junkies is the tyranny of the politically correct, which pursues that the citizen will not think for himself but rather will sheepishly accept at face value whatever the propaganda-infested media might ceaselessly repeat. If common sense or even irrefutable data might contradict the politically correct statement, the fear of being expelled from the herd will suffice to prevent the free citizen from expressing his disagreement in public. One of the clearest examples of this invisible tyranny is climate change.

There is scientific evidence that climate has been cyclically and naturally changing for at least a million years. Therefore there is not such a thing as climate change (in singular), but many continuous climate changes. Periods of higher temperatures are followed by periods of lower temperatures, the measuring unit vastly exceeding the year or the decade and approaching the millennium. Shamelessly turning a blind eye to the fact that climate has changed for natural reasons since the dawn of time, the theory of man-made global warming blames human action (through the emission of CO2) for the mild temperature increase that has taken place since the Little Ice Age ended in the 19th century. However, in the last 10.000 years, Earth has been at least as warm in the Holocene (some 6,000 years ago) and, more recently, in the Medieval Warm Period (from the 10th to the 14th century), thus much earlier than the Industrial Revolution. Also, the geological evidence shows that CO2 tends to increase some 800 years after the temperature goes up, suggesting an inverse cause-effect relationship. Moreover, CO2 is one of the sources of life on the planet, being the main nourishment for plants: the higher the concentration of CO2, the faster the cereals we eat grow, for instance. In fact, every time we breathe we exhale CO2 in a concentration which is 100 times higher than that of the atmosphere at current levels. How has one of the pillars of life been so eccentrically derided to the point of being labelled a pollutant? We are told that the debate is over because there is “consensus”. False: thousands of scientists around the world skeptically question the human origin of climate change and demand an open debate that is denied to them in the most totalitarian way. Many have been gagged, condemned to ostracism and threatened with the withdrawal of their research funding in one of the most vicious attacks on scientific freedom ever witnessed. If it is untrue that Earth’s current temperature is unprecedented or is being solely determined by human caused CO2; if it is untrue that until before the Industrial Revolution climate was in equilibrium (and was ideal) and that unless “we do something” temperatures will keep growing ad infinitum until we all die in a cataclysm, what’s going on? Who is interested in scaring us?

First of all, the UN, whose true vocation is to become an unelected world government, and that has found in climate change the perfect cause to take a giant leap toward this goal. Indeed, the main force behind the man-made global warming theory is the UN’s IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change), a political body controlled by a few disguised as a scientific body controlled by many. In the realm of science, when a hypothesis is tested and results come up negative, the hypothesis is discarded. IPCC’s predictive models, based on the exclusive cause-effect relationship CO2-temperature and which surprisingly exclude natural causes such as solar activity, have proven completely wrong for 25 years, but they couldn’t care less – we are talking about politics, where anything goes. In fact, the IPCC has been repeatedly accused of scientific corruption for biasing its information and omitting anything that could put in danger its sacrosanct hypothesis.

The second group obviously interested in scaring us is the renewable energy industry, which has invested a trillion dollars in the last five years and which depends on subsidies for its survival, subsidies born exclusively out of the fear of climate change. Substituting reliable, efficient and cheap energy sources (can’t get much cheaper, with the oil at 40 dollar a barrel) with intermittent, inefficient and expensive ones is not only stupid, but immoral as well, as we deprive developing countries from that which was so useful to lift us out of poverty – the very poverty we want to condemn them to with expensive energy.

Lastly, the lobby the most interested in scaring us is the world ecologist movement, the same that in the 70s predicted “a global cooling caused by industrial activity” (I’m not kidding) after Earth temperature’s fell approximately from 1940 to 1975. Under the deceiving appearance of defending a common sense conservationism that would be defended by any good hearted individual, an important part of the ecologist movement (the one which appears to be at the helm) has become a true enemy of Man, whom it considers to be a virus of that old goddess called mother Earth (virus that should be eliminated). It has placed Man at a moral level below animals and nature, and seeks to reduce the world’s population by whatever means possible (including promoting abortion and forced sterilization, or hindering the eradication of tropical illnesses that kill millions in Third World countries, for instance). They know that an expensive energy means poverty, and poverty means death. The ecologist fanaticism has turned into a totalitarian ideology, into an apocalyptic sect that claims to protect us from a threat invented by it.

Physics Nobel Prize winner Robert Laughlin states that the causes of climate change are natural and that changing Earth’s climate “is beyond our power”, while M.I.T prestigious atmospheric physicist Richard Lindzen has crystal clear opinions on the subject: “global warming is about politics and power rather than science”. I agree, but the issue bears an even more sinister face: climate change is also about a supposed elite that likes to play God and believes it has the right to decide who and how many of us are allowed to inhabit our beautiful planet, and who will be rich and who will remain poor. Don’t be misled by polar bears, CO2, icecaps and droughts. Our planet is not in danger, but our liberty surely is.


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