Times of change

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Although political alternation is almost always healthy (except in disastrous cases…), Saint Ignatius advised that it’s best not to move in times of tribulations – and Spain is in deep political tribulation. Pedro Sánchez, our incoming president-by-surprise due to Rajoy’s unexpected loss in a confidence vote in Congress, wins his party’s primaries but loses general …

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Spain, 2018: To prison for expressing an opinion?

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In his classic novel 1984, George Orwell described a sinister totalitarian society of the future supported by three large bureaucratic structures. One of these was the Ministry of Truth, in charge of falsifying historical facts in order to back up the version approved by the Government. Brandishing the slogans “Freedom is Slavery”, “Ignorance is Strength” …

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Environmentalist deceptions: the polar bear’s fairy tale

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One of the icons of today’s environmental movement is the polar bear, supposed victim of the ice melting in the Arctic: its image, isolated on a tiny, sinking ice sheet, has become an effective path to well-meaning individuals’ wallets. The astute journalist, later professional politician Al Gore sensed this in his famous documentary An Inconvenient …

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Environmentalist deceptions: ice meting and sea level alarmism

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How would the environmental movement survive without real or imaginary environmental crises, without fears or imminent threats? In my latest article I explained that today’s environmentalism is nothing but a sad degeneration of the welcomed original environmental movement, which has been gradually infiltrated and contaminated by sinister ideologies, by pagan fanaticism, and obviously by money …

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