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One Ring to Rule Them All

The annual Davos vanity fair took place this week with its usual parade of paradigms of political correctness. Although the vast majority of attendees are mere extras, its character as an elitist club undoubtedly lends it pomp and power. What is discussed at the World Economic Forum?

Fernando del Pino Calvo Sotelo

May 27, 2022

For some years I received a detailed memorandum summarizing the main discussions until I concluded that I was wasting my time, as their analysis of reality was no different from a shallow reading of press headlines, their anthropologically pessimistic vision and their fashionable slogans were tiresome, and their predictive capacity was zero. The disturbing books of its founder, of little rigor and with important gaps in Economics and History, do not impress either, but undoubtedly this club exerts power and influences the creation of trends through political mimicry and its program of indoctrination of Young Leaders of the Future, from which politicians have emerged (ephemerally) in today’s positions of power.

Davos always creates a polarized debate between those who border on conspiratorial paranoia and those who believe it to be just another Forum. Between exaggeration and denialism – both dictated by the same fear of what would constitute a sinister threat – there is room, I believe, for a calm debate on something that, after years of observing international reality, seems undeniable to me: for three decades there has existed a project of global power whose institutional epicenters are the main supranational organizations and a globalist ideology of messianic tone that advocates an unelected world government formed by a supposed “elite”.

The globalist movement

This globalist movement brings together mundane economic interests and a naked will to power led by people with a god-like complex – the architects of a new world order – who, in an incredible exercise of hubris, believe that Creation has made a profound mistake in making man free, since only they know what is best for us. That is why they wish to recreate the world in the image and likeness of their feverish fantasies with a man who merely obeys the new masters. The fact that their project is not transparent but subtle and based on a gradualism that goes beyond the political cycle and national borders, allows it to go unnoticed, even more so in a superficial society slave to immediacy.

The globalist ideology is totalitarian in that “it is not limited to destroying the political capacities of men, but also the groups and institutions that interweave private relations”[1]. Thus, it seeks the weakening of what it considers adversarial forms of power: the family, the community and, ultimately, the nation. Hence his preference for creating a society of isolated individuals lacking permanent bonds of affection (divide et impera) and for endowing supranational bodies with greater power in order to dilute national sentiment, as opposed to the principle of subsidiarity. It also seeks to blur the contours of any ethical or religious belief system while promoting a syncretic value scheme or religion that will pose no obstacle to its ends but help it. Through aggressive demonization campaigns they brand as reactionary those who defend the family, as radical nationalists those who defend the nation, and as dogmatic those who defend their religion. The first two stigmatizations are an exercise in cynicism but the last one is an exercise in hypocrisy, since they themselves defend with enormous fanaticism the dogmas of the new order, that is to say, they apply relativism when it comes to the beliefs of others but an inflexible dogmatism when it comes to their own.

The globalist ideology does not like democracy, because despite its inherent weaknesses (of which there are many) it is a political system that gives the last word to the citizens. However, they cannot attack it openly, so they seek to undermine it through control of mainstream media and social media and, above all, through the gradual emptying of the powers of democratically elected governments. In imitation of the Soviet system, they dream that citizens can only elect a Supreme Soviet devoid of real power while executive power is centered in a Politburo. This is the EU system in its totalitarian drift: a democratically elected Parliament that plays a minor role and an unelected Commission that holds the real power.

Political correctness

The most powerful weapon of globalism is “political correctness”, a Stalinist creation that intimidates through open censorship or self-censorship, born out of fear of ostracism. Political correctness destroys freedom of opinion and expression, and weird beliefs can be imposed even if they are contrary to truth or common sense, as we can observe. Given its character of “totalitarianism by the back door,” concealment and camouflage are consubstantial to the nature of this globalist ideology. Thus, its apparently noble philanthropic objectives (the preservation of the planet, the health of the population or equality) are nothing more than a subterfuge to destroy freedom through the absolute control of our actions and even of our most intimate thoughts, since its project of domination goes through changing the very nature of man, born free.

Political correctness bears with it a substitution of our value system. Forget about the Ten Commandments: it no longer matters whether one speaks the truth, keeps one’s word, is faithful to one’s spouse, is devoted to one’s family and service to others, or is a hard worker. The measure of individual virtue now lies in the compliance of the new rules that are being imposed on us. Do you put on your mask? You are a virtuous person. Have you been vaccinated n+1 times? You are virtuous. Do you affirm that climate change keeps you awake at night? You are virtuous. You repeat like a parrot “sustainability” and “equality” and (these days) you hate Russia? You are virtuous, even if you cheat on your wife, your friends, your customers, your workers or your partners, abandon your parents or your children, steal, lie or kill. The golden rule (“do unto others as you would have them do unto you”) no longer counts: only blind obedience to the Power’s slogans counts.

Abuse of the principle of authority

Globalism also abuses the principle of authority, that is, the argumentum ad verecundiam, a fallacy whereby an opinion is defended only because someone considered an authority does so. Since politicians have long ceased to be authorities in the eyes of the people, the globalist ideology has decided to rely on “scientists”, the new high priests, or, rather, on “Science”, its new totem, in a strategy that uses the principle of authority to move wills through fear. Their first offensive was the creation of an apocalyptic scenario based on “man-made” climate change, whereby we should all fear the end of the world and trust “scientists” (who magically lack vices and are always serious, honest, objective, beneficent and angelic), except for those who dared to dissent, who were ruthlessly censored. However, despite the undoubted success of the climate hoax through the creation of the UN IPCC and the huge economic prizes linked to “decarbonization”, the fear of an apocalypse was too vague and distant despite the attempt to make it more present with the cunning (and false) argument of the alleged increase in extreme weather events.

Thus, the covid epidemic has offered them “the great opportunity” they were longing for (in the words of the founder of the World Economic Forum): a real and present fear of death created by an unprecedented media terror campaign that has annulled the individual’s capacity for reasoning and relegated his desire for freedom to the promises of those who offered him a false security. It has also revealed the enormous potential of the principle of authority of doctors’ white coats.

Both in the case of climate change and in the nonsensical epidemiological measures taken with covid, the new totalitarians take advantage of the ignorance of the population regarding the limitations of man’s knowledge and predictive capability and the level of corruption of “Science” (dominated by funding limitations) or “Medicine” (controlled by Big Pharma). In the past kings, politicians and generals gave us orders; now it will be scientists and doctors, managed by the power junkies and attracted by their own luster.

WHO as the new world government?

However, this year Davos was a smokescreen. The real threat to freedom was taking place just a few miles away, at the 75th WHO Assembly, undoubtedly globalism’s most aggressive offensive to date. Before delving into it, let’s see which are the main funders of this supranational organization dependent on the UN, data that may surprise you and that I am afraid will promote the paranoia I warned about at the beginning[2]:

As you can see, the Gates Foundation is the second largest funder of the World Health Organization. The Vaccine Alliance, whose members also include the Gates Foundation and major pharmaceutical companies, is the sixth largest funder of the WHO.

Well, this organization has proposed at its 75th Assembly (which will close this Sunday) the approval of two instruments of a clearly totalitarian nature under the alibi of combating pandemics with greater “effectiveness”[3]. The first of these is the approval of the amendments proposed sotto voce by the Biden Administration to modify the International Health Regulations, the content of which only came to public months later[4]. These regulations, binding on member states, only require approval by half of the WHO member countries, with the vote of Monaco, with a population of 40,000, having the same weight as that of India, with 1.4 billion. The main change is to give the WHO Director General the arbitrary power to declare health emergencies and pandemics vaguely defined and to be able to recommend the closing of borders and the interruption of fundamental rights such as those we have suffered.

The second proposed instrument, which WHO itself calls “historic”, would be a Pandemic Treaty or Convention enforceable under international law. This treaty would give the WHO the power to impose everything it can only so far recommend, i.e., closing borders, mandating masks or potentially coercive vaccination programs (for the massive benefit of Big Pharma, as we have seen) and lockdowns. It would also give WHO the ability to impose censorship of any information that WHO itself considers contrary to its interests[5]. If anyone wanted proof that what we have lived through during the covid pandemic has been a totalitarian experiment[6] aimed at measuring the endurance capacity of the citizenry and its scant love for freedom when duly terrorized, here it is. The WHO could also impose an international health passport that could be required for different types of activities and for the development of which it has already contacted the German company T-Systems. After discussion of various drafts, the approval of the Pandemic Treaty (which is astutely postponed until 2024, relaxing initial concerns but making sure it gets approved under senile Biden’s Administration) needs the approval of two thirds of world countries, which should later undergo their own constitutional ore parliamentary approval process.

In order to accomplish this task, the WHO would create a new bureaucracy strikingly similar to the one outlined by Bill Gates under the acronym GERM (Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization). It goes without saying that the possibility of exercising arbitrary global power and total control of the population, together with the disproportionate economic benefits for the pharmaceutical industry, constitute a perverse incentive system that would encourage the continuous declaration of pandemics, even more so with vague definitions that in no case refer to the seriousness of the disease they produce (a seasonal flu pandemic could trigger a total takeover by the WHO, which, once it has tasted its flavor, will never want to relinquish power). Cancer, tuberculosis or even malaria kill more people every year than a pandemic kills every one or two generations. If we consider that in the last 120 years the WHO has only registered four relevant pandemics (including covid), it is clear that the objective of creating a center of power and global control to ineffectively combat events that occur so sporadically is not a health issue but a political one.

The new totalitarianism

I don’t know if they will finally get their way, but this totalitarian initiative makes it clear that we are facing the greatest threat to individual freedom and national sovereignty since the totalitarianisms of the last century. The threat is real: taking advantage of the inertia of the successful totalitarian experiment of the covid epidemic, the globalist power junkies want us to hand over absolute and arbitrary power to an unelected bureaucracy controlled by them that would have the power to suspend our rights, control our every move and keep us in a permanent state of terror. In the concentration camps the Nazis tattooed an indelible identification number on prisoners to control and depersonalize them. Today they call it a QR code. It is time to stop being naïve and wake up, because the new totalitarianism is literally at the gate.


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