It’s either Spain or Sánchez

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Dear reader,

For the sake of keeping in power, Socialist President Sánchez has made agreements with Catalonian separatist parties (whose leaders are currently in prison and under trial for holding an illegal referendum in October 2017) and even with the Basque radical nationalists who have usually supported Basque terrorist group ETA, responsible for the cold-blooded murder of 829 Spaniards through the years. An unscrupulous extreme leftist, without any respect for the law, for the institutions and for Spain’s integrity, ready to do whatever it takes to keep in power, Sánchez is by far the most dangerous presidential candidate we’ve had for the last 40 years. Therefore, the general elections to be held on April 28th are not normal elections, but truly existential elections for Spain. The hope is that moderate socialists will turn their back to the extremism of Sánchez and prevent him from holding on to power four more years, in which the damage to the country could be irreparable. Such an outcome would not only affect Spain but, crucially, the EU as well.


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