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Climate Change

Hurricanes and other lies of environmentalism (and journalism)

Fernando del Pino Calvo Sotelo

September 3, 2019

Today’s environmentalism has degenerated into an ideology as totalitarian as communism, with which it shares not only adherents, but also the massive use of lies. The hysterical superstition of the theory of anthropogenic global warming, blind to the scientific method and to data (and to the absence of reliable data!), is perhaps the greatest example of this, a disgraceful mixture of anti-capitalist and Malthusian ideology, propaganda, lust for power and the most sinister paganism that transforms the Earth into a goddess and man into an evil virus that must be eradicated. In reality, it is becoming very obvious that the so called “climate change” mania has little to do with science and much to do with power and politics, and above all with the establishment of a world government that will decide how many children we can have, which car we can drive and how much meat we can eat.

When in 1979 environmentalists’ alarmism predicted a new Ice Age due to the fall in temperatures that appeared to happen from approximately 1940 to 1975 (yes, in spite of the increase in CO2), the environmentalism of the time shouted “global cooling” (I’m not kidding) blaming the evil capitalist industrialization (of course!) because, according to them, pollution prevented the sun’s rays from warming the Earth. After the mild rise in temperatures in the following decades, they forgot about the sun and pollution, which apparently were no longer important factors, and changed the slogan to “global warming”, discovering a new enemy, CO2 or carbon dioxide (again linked to industrialization), a trace gas that we expel every time we breathe in a concentration 100 times higher than that existing in the atmosphere (0,04%) and food par excellence of trees and plants, in spite of which has been grotesquely labelled a “pollutant”. As the planet’s temperature stopped rising from 1999 until El Niño in 2014 (the so-called “hiatus”), it was decided that “global warming” would metamorphose into the most effective slogan “climate change”, for which it could be blamed for torrential rains and droughts alike, for the heat and the cold, for the gale and also for the dead calm. The latest slogan is “climate crisis or climate emergency”, which you will hear more and more often.

The most recent “climate change” propaganda campaigns have focused on the alleged increase in so-called extreme weather events, i.e. tornadoes, hurricanes (such as the current Dorian), floods or droughts. Given the very broad global media coverage of these phenomena, the campaign is done: the only thing needed is to add an interview to an “expert” at the end of the story linking it to “climate change”. The effectiveness of this tactic was demonstrated when Al Gore took advantage of the destructive Hurricane Katrina to blatantly publicize his deceptive documentary An Inconvenient Truth. But let’s get to the bottom of the matter: are extreme weather events increasing? The answer is, absolutely not. After countless scientific evidence that show that since 1900 hurricanes have not increased either in frequency or intensity, the IPCC of the UN (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has been forced to recognize it: “the data indicate that there is no significant trend in the frequency of hurricanes in the last century”. By the way, there has also been no increase in floods (“there is still no evidence regarding the sign or frequency flood trends on a global scale”), nor tornadoes nor droughts (“some regions have experienced more intense or longer droughts, but in other regions droughts have been less intense or have been shorter”). Therefore, every time you hear that these phenomena are increasing and that they are doing so because of climate change, please bear in mind that these are just two more lies of environmentalism.

Another slogan that is repeated like a mantra is deforestation. A few weeks ago, the media and the unbearable French President Macron made an emergency call regarding the fires in the Amazon. “The lungs of our planet are burning,” they said with the usual alarmism while asserting that the region produces 20% of the planet’s oxygen (help, we are suffocating!). First of all, this datum is false: the forests produce a lot of oxygen through photosynthesis but they also consume a lot of oxygen, among other things, through the decomposition of dead leaves and trees, so their net contribution of oxygen is derisory (phytoplankton procures much more oxygen but overall the oxygen we breathe comes from the reserves of the atmosphere, which we have for millions of years, with or without forests). To complete the lie, the media omitted that fires in the Amazon’s dry season occur every year, that they include grasslands and not just forest, and that this year is absolutely normal in terms of number of fires: NASA reported in mid-August that “to date, satellite observations indicate that fires in the Amazon basin are below the average of the last 15 years”. In reality, the objective of the media campaign, which disappeared as if by magic when its promoters saw that it was going nowhere, was just world politics, an attempt to weaken the current President of Brazil who, it seems, is not to the liking of the World Order. That is why they remembered the fires precisely this year (the first of the Bolsonaro government) ignoring the most serious fires of previous years (under the leftist Lula government) and turning a blind eye to those produced this very year in other countries of the Amazon basin such as Bolivia. But beyond the Amazon fires, the relevant and truly devastating fact (for environmentalists) is that there is no deforestation on planet Earth. I understand that you might think you have read it wrong, so let me repeat it: the tree cover on the planet is not decreasing, that is, deforestation is today a myth, another lie. Reforestation and the natural growth of forests more than compensate for the loss by felling or fire. A study recently published in the journal Nature, based on satellite images between 1982 and 2016, came to the conclusion that in the last 35 years forests on the planet had increased by 7%. Even UN’s FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), another champion of the environmentalist-globalist agenda, has recognized in its latest report on the health of the world’s forests that there is no deforestation whatsoever: according to its satellite data, in the last five years the surface of the Earth’s forests has barely changed, decreasing by only 0.08% (don’t you love the precision of two decimals so as to keep a downtrend at all costs?). According to FAO, deforestation was also almost non-existent in the 1990s. Forests, by the way, have benefited from the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere, a true source of life that accelerates the growth of trees and plants (including the cereals on which we feed).

Therefore, the data indicate that neither hurricanes nor droughts are any more frequent nor has deforestation been a problem to the planet for decades. Well, have you ever read this in any media? It is inevitable to denounce that environmentalism could not transmit its tiring stories of apocalyptic terror and its bunch of lies (a hurricane of falsehoods, category 5, like Dorian) without the complicity of journalism. I don’t know if the reason is ignorance or the leftist indoctrination of the profession, its usual lack of rigor or the slavery of immediacy, but the fact is that a profession that was born as a beautiful vocation for the defense of freedom and truth is today contaminated by deception, superficiality and the lust for power of a few (with the usual few exceptions). Dear reader, use your intelligence and your common sense, go to primary sources and take with great skepticism the media slogans of those who use fear and deception to subject us to their yoke.


Fernando del Pino Calvo-Sotelo


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