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My wife's British great-grandmother was an elegant and spartan lady, and when her young daughters complained about the weather, she would reply undaunted: "Little girls, little girls, in winter it's cold and in summer it's hot"

Fernando del Pino Calvo Sotelo

June 21, 2022

My wife’s British great-grandmother was an elegant and spartan lady, and when her young daughters complained about the weather, she would reply undaunted: “Little girls, little girls, in winter it’s cold and in summer it’s hot”. Well, when climate change propagandists take advantage of a simple heat wave to repeat their tiresome catastrophist litanies about the apocalypse that never arrives, I feel like repeating to them: “Little girls, little girls, in winter it’s cold and in summer it’s hot”. Indeed, what we have experienced in Spain is a summer heat wave as there have been so many and there will continue to be so many. Do you remember the torrid month of August 2003 in Europe? Well, that’s it. The difference is that in those happier days Al Gore had not yet filmed his documentary A Convenient Lie (or was it the other way around?) and climate change had not yet become the global religion of compulsory belief imposed by the new order and its obedient media.

A normal heat wave

A heat wave is considered to exist when more than 10% of the Spanish Weather Agency AEMET stations record maximum temperatures above the 95th percentile of the historical series for more than three consecutive days. Since 1975 there have been about 70 such summer heat waves in Spain, so they are normal and recurrent phenomena. In the following table we can see the maximum temperatures registered in the stations affected by the different heat waves in Spain since 1975 according to the AEMET[1]:  

For you to see how these meteorological phenomena are local and have nothing to do with climate change, in the following chart you can see the same data, but corresponding to the Canary Islands, a Spanish territory located in latitudes much lower than the Spanish mainland but belonging, as far as I know, to the same planet subject to the same planetary climate. As you can see, both series have nothing to do with each other: in years when there was a heat wave in the Iberian Peninsula, there was no heat wave in the Canary Islands (and vice versa) and in no case is there any worrying trend to be found:

Meteorological phenomena are not the climate

It should be reiterated that local meteorological phenomena can never be symptoms of any climatic variation, since the unit of time measurement of the climate is the century or rather the millennium and local phenomena, as their name indicates, are local, in the sense that weather patterns of a completely opposite nature can occur simultaneously in other regions of the world. Thus, during this month of May some of the lowest temperatures in history were recorded in the northwestern USA[2] and in British Columbia[3] (Western Canada), and while in Spain we were sweltering last week, in Australia the beginning of the Southern winter recorded the lowest temperatures in the last 70 years[4]. Global cooling? No, simple meteorology.

The climate change mantra manipulates the news about natural meteorological phenomena associated with heat in order to link them to global warming. For example, now that the hurricane and wildfire season is approaching, the summer staffs of the media will repeat the headlines of every year as if we were watching the movie Groundhog Day. The power junkies who order them to do so know that the story is completely false, pure propaganda, but the lie is already an intrinsic part of a movement that is not about science, but about ideology, power and money. The reality is that hurricanes are decreasing in number and intensity at least since 1990[5] and that the total area burned by fires globally has decreased by 25% in the last two decades[6]. Even the UN IPCC, something like the Vatican of the climate religion, was forced to recognize that “there is no significant trend in the frequency of hurricanes in the last century (…), there is still no evidence regarding the sign of the trend in the magnitude and frequency of floods globally (…) and there is not enough evidence at present regarding the trend observed in droughts globally since the mid-20th century” (IPCC, AR5, WG I, chapter 2.6, p. 214-217).

The same people who link any element having to do with heat to climate change are silent on any relationship with climate when it comes to cold weather. Thus, the local Canadian, North American or Australian press has not warned of a “global cooling” due to the aforementioned cold waves as neither did the Spanish press with the unusual cold of May 2013 (the coldest since 1985), or with Storm Filomena, a year and a half ago[7], or last March, the cloudiest month of the last 39 years, the sixth rainiest since 1961 and the eighth coldest of the century, according to the AEMET[8].

Nor has the media over-publicized that in 2021 Antarctica experienced the six coldest months ever recorded[9]. Probably, the climate shamans feared that the population would realize that the “threat” of melting Antarctic ice and the consequent rise in sea levels was a tall tale to scare us. In fact, Antarctica has cooled slightly since 1979, which perhaps explains why, according to a NASA study, it is gaining ice, not losing it[10]. Given that Antarctica has 1,250 times the ice volume of the Arctic, it is not the Arctic ice that we should be concerned about, but the Antarctic ice. In fact, since the Arctic ice floats and already occupies a volume, its melting would not raise the sea level, as Archimedes discovered long before journalism was invented (ah, the good old times!). For better peace of mind, it might be interesting to know that the Arctic surface is reversing its previous trend and has been growing for several years, to the extent that 2021 marked the second year with the most ice since 2003[11]. I bet you haven’t read that.

Measuring global warming

Is there any global warming taking place in recent decades? Yes, a little bit, but contrary to the slogan repeated ad nauseam, there is no “scientific consensus” (an oxymoron) on its cause, but totalitarian imposition and censorship, denying debate, closing access to specialized publications to scientists who do not share the official mantra and denying them funding for their research. The fanaticism of the climate shamans is proportional to the enormous political and economic interests created. The reality is that we are still not able to know how a complex, non-linear and chaotic system such as the climate works, where a multitude of factors intervene with feedbacks of different signs, such as the oceans, clouds, the Earth’s rotation, solar activity, water vapor (the cause of the vast majority of the greenhouse effect) and other minor gases such as CO2, etc. If we are not able to predict the weather a week ahead, how will we be able to predict the climate a century from now?

Since we have had satellites measuring global temperature (just four decades), our planet has undergone a slight warming of 0.14°C per decade (read that again), and in the last 20 years there has been hardly any warming at all, as shown in the following graph prepared with NOAA satellite data by the well-known expert Dr. Roy Spencer[12]:

These data are supported by a recent study from aerostatic weather balloon measurements[13]. Both in the Northern Hemisphere and in the tropics, there has been hardly any warming since 1998:  

The culture of fear

Behind its philanthropic appearance, the religion of climate change hides a hatred of human beings, considered a virus harmful to Mother Earth, and an ambition for totalitarian domination and power focused on fighting that virus, i.e. reducing the world’s population. But above all, climate change deliberate hysteria is encompassed in the oppressive and hope-depriving Culture of Fear[14] that grips the Western societies, where the powers that be keep the population in a constant state of fear by pointing out to them what they should be scared of (an exaggerated or invented danger) and proposing themselves as saviors, promising us security in exchange for our freedom.

The climate change sect uses the fear of death under the threat of an Apocalypse that never comes into existence. In developed countries, their shamans offer to save us if we accept to impoverish ourselves through the skyrocketing cost of energy sources. Poor countries, which cannot afford on their own that rich whim called “renewable” energies, are offered in exchange subsidies that will be granted or not depending mainly on whether they control their population growth (the crux of the matter), condemning them to chronic dependence.

The pernicious effects of climate religion are already being seen. The structural cause of the increase in the cost of electricity and gasoline, beyond the temporary effect of Ukraine’s war and the self-harming sanctions of the West, is the irrational persecution of fossil fuels (cheap, efficient and reliable) to which Humanity owes so much, and the imposition of expensive, intermittent and inefficient energies that benefit a few and harm the majority. Thus, the problem with future heat waves will not be the temperatures reached, but that we will not have enough money to turn on the air conditioning. The clear and present threat, dear reader, is not the climate, but poverty and the loss of freedom.


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