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From Wuhan, an epidemic of lies

Fernando del Pino Calvo Sotelo

March 7, 2023

A few days ago, the FBI director stated that “most likely” the origin of the pandemic had been an accidental laboratory leak in Wuhan[1], thus adding to various “intelligence” reports that have been emerging recently and to the conclusions of an eminently scientific report of the US Senate published in October 2022[2] that ruled out the theory of a natural and spontaneous zoonotic origin.

Although the timing of these tepid initiatives is probably related to the current geopolitical situation and for now lacks the emphasis that deserves the responsibility for the death of millions of people, this is a radical change of narrative, as during the pandemic the media denied and censored the theory of a laboratory leak even though prestigious medical journals such as the BMJ demanded to investigate it as plausible[3]. Since the sole object of censorship is to hide the truth, this in itself was already a telling clue, but there is more.

The extremely likely origin of the epidemic

As is well known, there were two biological security laboratories in Wuhan and at least one of them was known to be working with the same type of coronavirus as SARS-CoV-2[4]. Obviously, the a priori probability that, of all places, the virus would emerge precisely in a city where such laboratories existed without them having anything to do with it is ridiculously low. If there is a toxic spill next to a chemical factory, whom do we blame?

Second, the efficiency with which SARS-CoV-2 bound to ACE2 receptors and the high human-to-human covid contagiousness fit poorly with a spontaneous zoonotic origin. Indeed, there are few historical precedents for large pandemics of zoonotic origin in which the vector of transmission is not an insect and the probability of a disease passing naturally from mammal to human and becoming highly contagious between humans is pretty low. Also, the genetic evidence of the coronavirus did not show that it had circulated in animals other than humans.

Finally, three years later neither the source animal of SARS-CoV-2 nor the group of infected animals that should have served as a reservoir for the disease has been found. If they were the origin of the epidemic, where are those sick animals? Nor have they continued to infect humans: did they only infect them once and only in Wuhan? The reality is that there is no scientific evidence to support the a priori highly improbable theory of the natural origin of the epidemic.

Who was interested in concealing the lab leak theory?

The interest of the Chinese Communist dictatorship in concealing a potential biological escape is obvious, but what interest has the US bureaucracy had in contributing to such concealment until now? There are three reasons. The first was a short-sighted political motive: Trump had blamed China and the US establishment had vowed to discredit him on anything he said, even if it was true[5].

The second reason was that there was concern that blaming the pandemic on a biological accident in a government laboratory could jeopardize the biological programs that all powers – including the US – have in different parts of the globe.

But the most relevant reason is that well-known US health institutions run by well-known scientists and bureaucrats had funded part of the experiments in Wuhan because of the legal ban on conducting them on US soil.

The attempted cover-up involved, among others, the corrupt WHO, which coincidentally chose one of these scientists to participate in the team sent to Wuhan “to investigate” the origin of the pandemic and asserted, naturally, that the Chinese had nothing to do with it[6], the Faustian Anthony Fauci[7], and 27 scientists who published a letter in The Lancet calling the possibility of a laboratory escape a “conspiracy theory”. The scandal was huge, as it was soon revealed that apparently 26 of the 27 had direct or indirect links to the Wuhan lab itself or its financial backers[8].

Some believe that the escape was not accidental and that the epidemic was provoked. However, if the Chinese government had wanted to unleash an epidemic it would never have done so in its own territory, much less in a city with biological laboratories. Moreover, those who defend that the epidemic was provoked would be forced in pure logic to look to some adversary of China, such as the US. I consider it highly unlikely.

That the escape was accidental does not exempt the Chinese government from responsibility for negligence and for something much worse: its initial opacity, plagued by deception (inherent to a Communist regime) and the export of the virus to the rest of the world, of which there are indications of malice by allegedly not banning international flights once it had banned domestic flights[9].

If we have not experienced a natural pandemic but a Chernobyl-like laboratory accident with one or more leaks during the autumn of 2019, the story about covid changes. Among other things, the psychosis about a future epidemic is considerably reduced and Bill Gates proves to have been a bit lost (so to speak) for three years as an alleged prophet of pandemics and advisor to prevent them. Why has he not started proposing to prohibit the power junkies, their arrogant scientists, and the vampiric pharmaceutical companies from continuing to play the dangerous game of genetic manipulation of pathogens for military or for-profit purposes?

Lockdowns, masks and natural immunization: an epidemic of lies

“There is nothing hidden that will not become visible, and nothing secret that will not be known and come to light” (Luke 8: 16-18). As time goes by, the Himalaya of falsehoods that have surrounded the covid epidemic are coming to light. This barrage of lies cemented an unprecedented program of mass manipulation to create the mass hysteria necessary to enable the population to meekly accept a claustrophobic public health dictatorship.

The implementation of the illegal lockdowns (“two weeks to flatten the curve”, remember?) served no purpose except to ruin millions of people mentally and economically.

The masks, first reviled and then hysterically imposed, never ceased to be a complete farce, a superstition, a symbol of submission. No previous epidemic plan contemplated their use and there was no evidence of their usefulness for the general public, but it has been a recent Cochrane study (maximum statistical reliability) that has put the nail in the coffin of the belief that masks are useful to prevent the transmission of viruses such as influenza or SARS-CoV-2. Indeed, its conclusion is that community use of surgical masks makes “little or no difference in the outcome of laboratory-confirmed influenza/SARS-CoV-2 compared with no use”, and that “N95 (FFP2) masks do not imply clear differences compared with medical/surgical mask use (…)[10]“.

If surgical masks and FFP2 masks were useless to prevent the contagion and transmission of the virus (as evidenced by the fact that two years of compulsory use did not prevent the virus from circulating at will), imagine how they fooled us with the cloth masks. In Spain, after torturing children in schools transformed into concentration camps, the masks’ hoax has continued for a while in public transport and is still going on in hospitals and pharmacies.

The media terror campaign also made people believe that the entire population was exposed to the same risk when it was known that statistically the disease was only dangerous for the elderly and for those suffering from very specific comorbidities. Even though this evidence had been known since the early 2020, Gates had the chutzpah to state in 2022 that “[at the beginning] we did not understand that covid had a fairly low fatality rate and that it is a disease mainly of the elderly, a kind of flu, although it’s a bit different than that[11]“. Healthy adults and, above all, young people, teenagers, and children were never at serious risk, but this fact was concealed to keep the population terrified and maximize the profits of the scandalous universal vaccination program.

Likewise, the political-media-pharma contumacy denied the power of natural immunization and demanded those who had passed the disease to be vaccinated anyway. The medical literature, common sense, and robust scientific evidence did not support this, as I argued since the beginning. Three years later, lo and behold, the Gates Foundation itself has funded a recently published macro study that concludes that natural immunization provides “equal or superior” protection to that provided by vaccines, a “very high and long-lasting” protection against reinfection and severity for pre-omicron variants[12] and somewhat lower protection against reinfection, but equally potent against severity, with omicron. Reality is that natural immunization against respiratory viruses, which elicits IgA antibodies in the mucosae and cellular immunity (T cells), is always superior to that provided by systematic vaccines.

Unnecessary, ineffective and unsafe gene therapies

Finally, we came across the gene therapies or covid “vaccines” unwisely approved in a hurry and imposed on the entire population without meeting any of the three requirements demanded of any vaccine: necessity (a criterion not met except for the at-risk population), effectiveness and safety. They even created a sanitary passport to force the vaccination of the reluctant, even though “vaccines” were never designed to prevent transmission (as Pfizer itself has acknowledged), so that the goal of 70% herd immunity threshold they told us about was just another chimera to sell more vaccines. The fact that “after more than 60 years of experience with influenza vaccines, very little improvement in vaccine prevention of infection has been noted” is yet another example that “none of the predominantly mucosal respiratory viruses have ever been effectively controlled by vaccines[13]”. This was known since the beginning but hidden from public knowledge.

At the 2022 Davos meeting, Gates himself acknowledged that covid vaccines “are not too good in the way of duration and are not good at blocking transmission”, so he wondered “what’s the point” of checking whether people were vaccinated[14]. Ironically, at that Davos meeting the organization demanded proof of triple vaccination[15].

The “vaccines” have not only proved ineffective and unnecessary for the vast majority of the population for whom covid was statistically mild (as was known, I repeat, since 2020), but have caused unprecedented adverse effects that probably explain the current excess cardiovascular mortality and a multitude of well-documented ischemic, immune, ocular, neuropathic, herpes, menstrual, male fertility and even carcinogenic adverse effects[16].

Who will assume the responsibility?

In the face of such an accumulation of evidence, what responsibility will be assumed by the politicians and “health” authorities who illegally locked us up and prevented us from moving freely, who abandoned our elders and condemned them to die alone, who forced us to walk like jail inmates for a couple hours a day, to wear masks even when alone in the beach and have families sit separately in restaurants, who incited hatred towards the unvaccinated and used the health passport to force us to get injected with experimental, ineffective and unsafe genetic therapies?

What responsibility will be assumed by the ignorant and unscrupulous journalists who terrorized the population for two years with constant deception, hiding the reality of the misnamed “vaccines” as if they were sales agents of Big Pharma, scandalously encouraging young people, pregnant women and children to inject themselves and censoring those who provided scientific data while hypocritically stigmatizing them as “denialists”?

What responsibility will be assumed by the shady drug agencies that seem to be controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, which negligently[17] approved ineffective and unsafe products while boycotting any therapeutic treatment? And what about the medical associations that threatened and persecuted the few doctors who dared to raise their voices in protest against such an unscientific outrage?

What responsibility will be assumed by the many doctors of all sort of specialties that encouraged their patients to be vaccinated indiscriminately without distinction of age or circumstances and now keep silent about the side effects they see first-hand, who accepted as obedient civil servants the instructions of the “authorities” without thinking for themselves or reading a single scientific study on covid that pretended to know it all despite their ignorance thus abusing the authority of the white coat?

And what about those “experts” interviewed in the media who kept repeating politically correct nonsense attracted by the glitter of an ephemeral limelight and who have now returned to the shadows from which they should never have emerged?

These actions stand in stark contrast with those of the few doctors who had the enormous courage to put their licenses and careers in danger to defend the scientific truth or those who did not have time to give their opinion because they were busy desperately trying to save lives in that traumatic spring of 2020. Or those citizens who heroically resisted the pressure and hysteria of the masses and decided not to be vaccinated in exercise of their freedom.

What can we learn from this huge deception scheme?

The experience of the Himalayas of falsehoods that we have lived through should teach us to axiomatically distrust the political-media-pharmaceutical collusion, the political or health “authorities”, since they are the same thing, and the enormous corruption that encompasses the pharmaceutical industry and the wide field of wills that it can buy.

More profoundly, what we have witnessed is a colossal failure of the scientism that advocates the omnipotence of Man and the goddess “Science”, the same that despised our marvelous natural immune system while putting its faith in botched, artificial “vaccines”, and whose pretensions are nothing more than a display of the same old hubris.

But the most important thing to learn is that those who have taken advantage of a lab leak to launch a totalitarian experiment believe they have created a precedent and aspire to achieve the shortcut to a single bureaucrat-led world government through a global health dictatorship. This is the reason behind of the Pandemic Treaty that the WHO (co-financed by the Gates Foundation) wants to accelerate and sign before the senile Darth Biden leaves office.

This treaty would give absolute power to the WHO in the event of a health emergency and would encourage permanent pandemic declarations. Do not forget that the WHO[18] modified the definition of pandemic to include any contagious disease, even if it was an old, known and statistically mild virus[19], that it took advantage of the insignificant “monkeypox”, which nobody remembers anymore, to declare an “international health emergency[20]” and that it still maintains the pandemic declaration with covid, three years later. This is a real threat to our health and freedom that we must take seriously.

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