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Climate Change

Freezing cold wave in the US: global warming?

Our dear old planet Earth continues to spin completely oblivious to the foolishness of its inhabitants, but for those who make their living from the thriving business of the climate hoax, 2022 has been a bad year.

Fernando del Pino Calvo Sotelo

December 28, 2022

Our dear old planet Earth continues to spin completely oblivious to the foolishness of its inhabitants, but for those who make their living from the thriving business of the climate hoax, 2022 has been a bad year.

No one would tell reading the same media that spread the lies about covid or the nonsense about the war in Ukraine, but the icons of climate change have been exposed for what they always were: lies, propaganda, smoke and mirrors.

For example, did you know that satellites show that the Earth is getting greener? Despite population growth, there is more and more area covered by trees[1], i.e. there is no longer a problem of deforestation on the planet thanks to the decrease in the area burned by wildfires[2], to reforestation and to the increase of CO2, the food par excellence of plants and trees, synonymous with life.

To make matters worse, December ended with unprecedented polar cold in the US, which the obedient journalists blame on storm “Elliot”, as two years ago it was “Filomena” in Spain. You know, when it is very cold it is just meteorology (a simple “cold wave” with “arctic winds”), but when it is too hot there are no more natural and recurrent “heat waves”, but always “global warming”.

By the way, no “scientist” was able to predict this cold wave in the US even a couple of weeks in advance, but they know for sure what will happen on the planet in 100 years.

The Arctic and the polar bear

The first climate idol to fall is the reduction of Arctic ice, a constant mantra despite its irrelevance, as it only accounts for 0.07% of the planet’s ice. Moreover, its potential melting would not imply a rise in ocean levels, as it already floats on the surface of the sea (Archimedes’ principle). The fact is that, after a few years shrinking, the average ice surface in the Arctic is stabilizing and has even increased[3]:  

For the first time since 2008 this year the northern sea route along the Eurasian coast has not been ice-free, and at its summer minimum the Arctic ice surface has exceeded 6 million km (12 times the area of Spain), almost the highest figure since 2007[4], the year in which the journalist and politician Al Gore made money by prophesying that in 2013 the Arctic would be ice-free. No one has been able to predict this increase, and no one knows why it has occurred.  

To speak of the Arctic is to speak of the polar bear, an environmental icon par excellence that has become a victim of “global warming”. The (cartoon!) image of a poor little bear drowning was so effective in a society as childish as ours that it was used by well-known environmental organizations to get money from unsuspected and well-intentioned donors in successful advertising campaigns.

This whole story was rather strange, because the polar bear is the least likely of all land mammals to drown: its record for uninterrupted open water swimming is 687 km over almost 10 days in freezing waters.

Message for adults: The polar bear is not a teddy bear but a dangerous and ruthless predator that skins its prey before eating them (sometimes still alive) in a bloody orgy of red on white. It also practices cannibalism by killing and eating offspring of its own species[5]. Well, to the dismay of its prey, its population is growing steadily and is now estimated at 32,000 specimens[6]. Phew, what a joy.

Greenland and Antarctica getting colder

Greenland is an ice reservoir 125 times larger than the Arctic. The surface of this huge island, four times the size of Spain, is covered by an ice sheet 3 km thick. For some years its ice declined slightly, but it is also recovering, and this year has been above average since 1980[7].  

Antarctica is the largest ice reserve on the planet (90% of the total) with a volume 1,250 times that of the Arctic. Most of the ice is, as is the case in Greenland, covering the continent with an average thickness of more than 2km, and a small part is sea ice free-floating close by its shores.

Overall, Antarctica is gaining ice, according to a NASA[8] study, but even the small part that floats, much more unstable and the subject of regular footage of large chunks of ice falling into the sea, has been growing slightly for the past 40 years[9].

All in all, it seems that we should not lose sleep over the ice of the “frozen continent” (so called for some reason), whose average temperature is -57°C and whose South Pole has been cooling slightly for 60 years[10], having suffered its coldest winter in 2021[11]:

Nobody knew how to predict this cooling, and nobody knows why it happened.

The resurrection of corals

Another icon of climate propaganda has been the bleaching and destruction of corals caused, of course, by warming waters. Given that the first reference to Australian coral bleaching dates back to 1575, that the oceans have shown little warming since they are measured by Argo buoys, and that corals are impressively long-lived and resilient, the cause-effect relationship set off the usual alarms of climate fabrications.

This was demonstrated this year when, contrary to the tiresome prophecies of doom and gloom, coral cover in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef broke a 36-year record, growing especially in the north[12].  

No one knew how to predict this sharp increase, and no one knows why it occurred.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the empirical evidence does not show an increase in extreme weather events either: there is no discernible trend in droughts, heat waves, floods, or hurricanes, as you can see in the graph below[13]:  

The difficulties of measuring global temperatures

Atmospheric temperature has only been measured with some accuracy since the first satellites were deployed in 1979, and sea temperature only since 2007, when the initial deployment of Argo buoys (one thermometer per 100,000 km2 of ocean) was completed.

Thus, since 1979 (a cold year) satellites have shown a temperature increase of 0.13°C per decade[14], a variation that falls perhaps within the range of instrumental error, although since the late 20th century atmospheric temperature has hardly changed at all:  

Measuring temperatures of the immense volume of the planet’s atmosphere has enormous limitations, despite the apparent self-assurance of some.

For observations well before 1979 there are only a limited number of thermometers that cover a ridiculous percentage of the planet’s surface (and only in the Northern hemisphere), and they are also contaminated by the so-called “urban heat island effect” (UHI), that is, by measurements made with thermometers that 100 years ago were in the middle of the countryside and that today lie in the middle of the city (with asphalt, cars and central heating).

For temperature measurements in paleoclimatic series (thousands or hundreds of thousands of years) the main source is estimates derived from oxygen isotopes trapped in Antarctic and, to a lesser extent, Greenlandic ice, which give an idea of the local temperature (only at two points on Earth) and which also behave asynchronously (North vs South).

Coinciding with this very slight increase in temperature, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has gone from 0.025% to 0.04%. The instigators of the climate fraud (globalist power junkies and big economic interests) have developed a simplistic cause-effect relationship which, contrary to the “consensus” mantra, is questioned by many highly respected scientists.

Thus, they have blamed “climate change” on a poor creature called man who happened to be passing by as if the climate had not always changed naturally, and they predict that if the temperature continues to rise a few more degrees, the Apocalypse will come.

I don’t know if it is the case for you, but I survive without any problems temperature differences of 10°C every day of the year between sunrise and afternoon and 30°C between winter and summer. Do you think that man and the planet cannot adapt to a gentle temperature rise of 1 or 2°C in the next two centuries, if it happens at all?

And what solution do they propose to avoid the Apocalypse the usual suspects? No surprise here: more power and more money for the few and impoverishment and servitude for the rest of us.

Climate is cyclical and we know little about it

The fundamental principle of climate is cyclicality, and just as the sea tide first rises and then ebbs, neither day nor night, cold nor heat, rain nor drought, summer nor winter, and not even dumb and psychopathic rulers last forever.

The same is true of climate: it is cyclical and has been changing since the dawn of time with ice ages when ocean levels were 120m lower than today and subsequent warmings, but climate propaganda has exploited these natural cycles to create its apocalyptic narrative by extrapolating short-term trends ad infinitum.

The earth’s climate is a multifactorial, complex and chaotic system about which man barely understands a small part. Hence, weather forecasts fail miserably beyond a few days.

Any honest atmospheric physicist recognises that what we don’t know about climate is far more than what we do know. Affected by solar radiation and the planet’s translational and rotational motions, by the great ocean masses and their currents, by clouds subject to feedbacks of different signs, and by greenhouse gases (the most important of which is water vapor), we simply do not know exactly how it works.

The temperature trend, moreover, depends on the chosen starting point. As geologist Ian Plimer says, “if you want to show warming, take the period 1979-1998; if you want to show no warming, take the last 24 years; if you want to show natural warming, take the last 300 years; if you want to show cooling, take the last 6,000; and if you want to show natural cyclical climate, take the last million years, as I do[15]“.

The climate fraud

Dear reader: when they scare you with global warming or the more propaganda-like concept of “climate change”, remember the massive manipulation we have suffered with covid. The tactics are similar: fear as a tool of population control, concealment of data, abuse of deception, censorship, manipulation and corruption of “Science”, false consensus, persecution of dissenters (denialists!), slavish complicity of the media and the lust for power.

And don’t forget that the hoax of “global warming” comes at a high price: loss of freedom and mass impoverishment, of which inflation is an example. The ultimate goal is to concentrate power and money in the hands of a few.

“There is no climate emergency” say more than 1,400 scientists in the World Climate Declaration[16]. No doubt about it. This pretentious creature called man has neither the power to determine the climate of his planet nor, for the time being, the capacity to understand it.  


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