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Everyone vaccinated and everyone infected

We were told that the vaccines would protect us from getting ill with covid, that the epidemic would end and that we would be restored to our stolen normality. However, almost two years later, none of these promises have been fulfilled.

Fernando del Pino Calvo Sotelo

January 14, 2022

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We were told that the vaccines would protect us from getting ill with covid, that the epidemic would end and that we would be restored to our stolen normality. However, almost two years later, none of these promises have been fulfilled. With a record number of infections that turns the omicron variant into the epidemic of the vaccinated (a few months after vaccination), we continue with a string of unscientific restrictions, obsessive testing of asymptomatic people, disruptive quarantines and a blind faith in vaccines that have obviously not lived up to expectations. How long will the political-media-pharma lobby continue to try to silence the evidence?

First they told us that vaccines would prevent us from catching covid and only when the evidence showed that being vaccinated did not protect us at all from symptomatic infection nor prevent transmission did they change the argument: now vaccines no longer protected us from getting sick, but from getting seriously ill and dying. Just like that? We change the story and that’s it? Wait a minute. The entire program of mass, indiscriminate vaccination of the population with largely experimental vaccines, including the vast majority (healthy adults, young adults, adolescents and children) for whom covid is a mild disease, was based on the premise that the vaccine prevented transmission and would achieve the desired 70% “herd immunity”. If vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission, why has the entire population been vaccinated and not just the at-risk population? Why continue with the immoral deception of vaccinating children?

This vaccine fiasco was predictable, as I first warned in September 2020. An effective vaccine against any type of coronavirus had never been approved, nor had the problematic[1] mRNA gene technology ever been used in any vaccine. The usual five- to ten-year clinical trial approval timelines for a vaccine had been reduced to two months, so any claims of efficacy and safety were premature. To make matters worse, the pharmaceutical companies were perfectly aware of all this and, worried about the appearance of adverse side effects “in four years[2]“, had signed indemnity clauses exempting themselves from any liability with politicians whose only objective, as always, was re-election.

The clinical trials on which vector vaccines and mRNA gene therapies were approved never mentioned that they prevented severity and death, but only symptomatic transmission. They have therefore failed in precisely what they were approved for, a particularly poignant example of the fact that clinical trials should always be taken with a grain of salt, since pharmaceutical companies hoping to profit from drug approval enjoy a clear asymmetry of information vis-à-vis the regulator, who is subject to the permanent conflict of interest of revolving doors. With good reason, experts such as Peter Doshi, editor of the British Medical Journal, raised doubts about the vaunted 95%[3] effectiveness, and a group of British doctors recently wrote in the BMJ that the loss of effectiveness “suggests that the effects of the vaccines wear off quickly and/or that some bias or irregularities crept into original trial procedures[4]“.

As months went by, and as new variants appeared, the effectiveness of the vaccines began to decline sharply, as numerous studies showed[5]. Before omicron, at the end of October, The Lancet Infectious Diseases published that “unfortunately, the efficacy of the vaccines in reducing transmission is minimal in the context of the delta variant[6]“, and another Swedish macro study published in the Lancet concluded that the Pfizer and Astrazeneca vaccines (82% of the doses administered in Spain) had “no effectiveness[7]” in preventing covid infection seven and four months, respectively, after inoculation. With omicron the situation has worsened: it is no longer that the vaccines have no effectiveness, but that their effectiveness is negative, i.e., that the vaccinated appear to be much more susceptible to infection than the unvaccinated. This is the conclusion of a very recent Danish study[8], official data from the British Health Service[9] and a Norwegian study published in Eurosurveillance[10]. A few days ago, the virologist Luc Montagnier, winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize for Medicine, confirmed in an article in the Wall Street Journal that “data from Denmark and Canada indicate that vaccinated people have higher rates of omicron infection than unvaccinated people[11]“.

Before the advent of the fanatical idolatry of covid vaccines, how would you have rated a vaccine that completely loses effectiveness within months and then its effectiveness turns negative? These “vaccines” would have never gained approval through the normal procedure, and we must demand that politicians admit the failure of their myopic universal vaccine obsession and stop the child vaccination program, a scandal that benefits no one and puts children’s health at risk.

Regarding the effectiveness of these vaccines to “prevent” severe illness and death, popular belief is again wrong. The Spanish Ministry of Health, with certainly opaque data, points out that approximately three out of four deaths due to covid (between 72% and 80%) since autumn were perfectly vaccinated people[12], percentages similar to those offered by the United Kingdom[13]. Have you read this in any media? These percentages, very high in absolute terms, would nevertheless indicate a relative protection against the severity given the very high vaccination rates. However, given the interest in hiding the cracks in the official story, the reality may be less rosy. Recent epidemiological studies published in The Lancet reduce the effectiveness in reducing severity and death to an “undetectable[14]” 42% six months after vaccination, a figure that Israel put at 55% in August[15]. On the other hand, according to a study published in JAMA, raw data in South Africa (not age-standardized) show that with Omicron, hospitalization rates for vaccinated patients are higher than for unvaccinated patients[16]. Although in the absence of randomized trials it is difficult to be sure, it seems that vaccines do not prevent severity and death but reduce their probability of occurrence, even if this reduction becomes insignificant after a few months. The WHO itself is for once cautious: “Preliminary data indicate that the effectiveness of vaccines to prevent symptomatic disease will be reduced in the face of omicron. Although it is more likely that protection against severe disease will be preserved, more data are needed”.

First we were promised that with two doses and 70% vaccination it was over. Faced with the evidence of the vaccine fiasco, the need for a third dose was pulled out of the hat, which Israel inoculated in panic after observing that the two previous doses did not prevent new waves, and now they are proposing a fourth one, a few months later. What vaccine do you know that requires four doses in a few months? This flight forward by politicians bent on not recognizing their mistakes plays with the immune system and the health of the population (as the EMA had to warn a bit late). The head of the Department of Immunology at Tel Aviv University summed it up in an open letter: “It is time to admit failure[17]“.

Third doses of the same “vaccines”, focused on a narrow and rigid response to a single outdated antigen, will not improve the outcome after the usual mirage of a few weeks. WHO itself considers booster doses “not appropriate or sustainable[18]“. What successive doses will increase, however, is the possibility of iatrogenic cases. Indeed, we were promised that these vaccines would be “95%” effective, and this has turned out to be a scam. We were also promised that they were tremendously safe. Are they? We will analyze it in the next article.


Fernando del Pino Calvo-Sotelo

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