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Epidemic of panic

Fernando del Pino Calvo Sotelo

May 12, 2021

“No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its faculties of acting and reasoning as fear.” Two and a half centuries after Burke wrote these words, half a hundred British psychologists have denounced the “covert” tactics (operating on the subconscious) put in place by their government at the beginning of the pandemic to terrorize the population and secure the acceptance of dictatorial measures -previously inconceivable- despite “the lack of evidence of their effectiveness”[1]: masks, lockdowns, curfews, restrictions on freedom of assembly, worship and movement, and even the barbaric prohibition of saying goodbye to your loved ones before their death.

These psychologists provide minutes of a governmental body that would prove the intentionality of the terror tools used, such as the daily publication of deaths, omitting the normal mortality rate for each year (something unprecedented), images of people in the ICU, “frightening slogans” linking non-compliance to the death of loved ones, and the imposition of masks, “a potent symbol of danger” that keeps the population in a constant state of fear. Another example would be the disproportionate publicity of the few serious cases in young people or healthy adults (silencing their low probability of occurrence), the very rare reinfections or the alleged “long covid”, about whose existence or relevance there are serious doubts[2]. The second objective of the campaign would have been to create guilt (“someone will die if I do not obey”) because, as psychologists (and psychopaths) know well, guilt is the most effective weapon to manipulate wills. Thus, we have come to hunt down and recriminate the “guilty one” of each contagion, something we had never done before with other contagious diseases that cause thousands of deaths every year.

The campaign has been successful in many countries: the population, terrified (and therefore unthinking), blames itself (“we have been irresponsible”), obeys absurd, unscientific and useless orders and denounces the “offenders” (Bertrand Russell: “collective fear stimulates the herd instinct and tends to produce ferocity towards those who are considered not to belong to the herd”[3]).

Finally, these psychologists warn of the consequences of this artificial inflation of panic: “people too frightened to leave their home, exacerbating loneliness and isolation; immune systems weakened by a constant and sustained level of anxiety; death of thousands of people for fear of going to a hospital; and mental damage, especially in the young population”.

Some wrongly minimize the tragedy of covid, but far more numerous are those who, in panic, ignore the reassuring real data silenced by the campaign of terror. More than 90% of those over 80 who get covid[4] survive, 99% of those aged 65-70, 99.9% of those aged 45-50 and nearly 99.99% of those aged 30-35[5]. In fact, 95% of the deceased were over 65 years of age[6] and most of them suffered from comorbidities (obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, etc.[7]). People under the spell of this mass psychological manipulation (many of whom maintain the same fears after vaccination), nevertheless believe that covid is usually a serious disease for everyone or even a death sentence, and when they hear these data they do not feel relief but disbelief, and a strange anger towards the bearer of good news. This will happen to some of the readers of this article. Sadly, it is an unmistakable symptom of having been successfully manipulated.

Terror has deliberately provoked a stampede towards the vaccine, converted by our kidnappers into the ransom to be paid if we want to recover normality. On top of this blackmail carried out under the threat of the vaccine passport (a dangerous freedom killer and instrument of global control that aims to be permanent) lies a hysterical campaign of voluntary-compulsory vaccination that borders on the grotesque, with interviews of Big Pharma CEOs “recommending” periodic universal vaccinations (even to children!) as if they had no bias or conflict of interest in such statements. They want to vaccinate us as if we were cattle, without respecting our dignity or our freedom.

Calm down. These vaccines have been developed with excessive haste and their possible long-term adverse effects are unknown. Some of them include new technologies such as messenger RNA, which maybe should be more appropriately called gene therapy rather than vaccine[8]. Pharmaceutical companies are aware of this and have exempted themselves from any liability with indemnity clauses, so the fabricated enthusiasm among the population should be tempered by prudence. There is also a need for greater transparency. Contrary to what some physicians claim (out of ignorance, group thinking or fear to the new inquisition), the vaccines’ immediate adverse effects are quite unusual, particularly in people under 55 years of age.  For example, after two doses of Pfizer[9] or Moderna[10], up to 16% of those vaccinated (one in six) suffer a fever of 38, 39 or 40 degrees Celsius, 60-70% experience fatigue, 35-45% experience chills, and 23% experience nausea and vomiting. How many vaccines do you know of that provoke such reactions in such proportions? I know of none, and I have been vaccinated for everything. Much rarer side effects (such as anaphylaxis or thrombosis) did not appear in clinical trials, and the number of deaths after vaccination (of uncertain causality), although extremly low in absolute terms, is nevertheless between 10 and 400 times higher than that of the flu vaccine[11]. No, they are not “normal vaccines”.

What about the regulators, such as the EMA or the FDA? Their relations with Big Pharma dance on the edge of dangerous liasons, with information asymmetries[12], at best (Big Pharma having the upper hand), and revolving doors, at worst[13]. For example, it is difficult to understand that executives of the EMA go directly from working for the Big Pharma lobby to carrying out inspection work at the EU or the WHO[14]. In fact, the EMA has been slow to recognize, rather abstrusely, the causal relationships of vaccine deaths, and continues to argue that the benefits outweigh the risks. Wait a minute: if the risk of death from covid for people under 30 is 1,000 times lower than that of an elderly person[15], isn’t it misleading to generalize? In fact, with other respiratory viruses we do not vaccinate indiscriminately. With absolute respect for the free (but informed) decision taken by each individual, logic dictates that it is probably worthwhile for the population at risk to be vaccinated, but not automatically nor necessarily for the majority of the population for whom covid is an asymptomatic or mild disease, and certainly not for those who have already passed the illness. No matter how low the absolute risk might be, playing Russian roulette with healthy adults, young people or even children by pushing (forcing?) them to get injected (without informed consent) to avoid a statistically asymptomatic or mild disease might not only be irrational but immoral as well. And since when do we vaccinate those who have already passed a viral disease that creates, in all probability, long-term immunization? Those who have passed covid are already vaccinated with a systemic immune memory of higher quality than that brought by the artificial vaccine and is likely to last for years or decades[16] (immunization to SARS-CoV-1 lasts at least 17 years). However, natural immunization continues to be neglected, possibly for economic interests. Finally, the proposal to get vaccinated “out of responsibility” is manipulative (guilt!), unfair (risk transfer) and illogical, because if, according to clinical trials, those vaccinated are protected, what difference does it make what others do?

Under the silence of all political parties, the unforgivable connivence of the media has left us defenseless in front of this massive terror campaign unleashed by the power junkies. They have not saved lives, but they have made half of the population psychologically ill. This collective madness must stop. Haven’t they done enough damage already?


Fernando del Pino Calvo-Sotelo


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