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Enough is enough

Fernando del Pino Calvo Sotelo

December 17, 2021

I have been writing in the financial newspaper Expansión for ten years with complete freedom. However, yesterday, unjustifiably and at the last minute, Expansión censored and withdrew this article that was to be published today. I regret that a newspaper like Expansión censors an article whose sources are, among others, The Lancet (one of the three most prestigious medical publications in the world), articles signed by renowned MDs in the WSJ (the most important economic newspaper in the world), communiqués from the British JCVI and the Japanese Ministry of Health and official data from the Spanish Ministry of Health.



This utter craziness must end. The mass vaccination program with vaccines and gene therapies that are largely experimental, in order to combat a disease that is mild for the vast majority of the population, is becoming a public health scandal, and its extension to healthy children and teenagers is simply immoral. Contrary to what is repeated by the mass hysteria created by the political-media-pharmaceutical collusion, vaccination at this age does not protect children from anything, because for them the covid is milder than the flu, nor does it protect their parents or grandparents, because child-to-adult transmission is unusual[1] and, above all, because these vaccines do not prevent either contagion or transmission[2]. Instead, they expose children to potential, low probability short term adverse effects that can however be serious, such as myocarditis (“with atypical clinical picture and uncertain prognosis in the medium term”, according to the British JCVI[3]), and to the uncertainty of unknown side effects in the long term. How would you describe a society that puts children’s health at risk so that some adults can sleep better? Therefore, I recommend to parents that, before making a decision that will be irrevocable, they think long and hard and do not let themselves be dragged in by wrong reasons such as social pressure, but only assessing the risks and benefits for their children, who cannot defend themselves or give their own opinion. Likewise, if their pediatricians recommend vaccination, require them to sign the corresponding prescription so that they assume their responsibility.

A myriad of recent studies and epidemiological data confirm that these vaccines and gene therapies do not prevent covid infection or transmission and that their effectiveness in reducing severity has greatly diminished. Hence the surprising third dose, inoculated in a state of panic by Israel in the face of the evidence of the vaccine fiasco and covertly promoted in Spain in an attempt to conceal such fiasco. Not long ago we were told that two doses and a 70% herd immunity would put an end to the epidemic. Now it is three or four doses (in a few months!) and 95%. What a joke.

The inordinate lust for profit of Big Pharma, the despicable media terror campaign and obscure political interests led from the beginning to focus on reducing the number of infections and not the number of deaths, something absurd in a disease that is mild for the majority of people. Then the appearance of cheap, promising and largely innocuous treatments aimed only at those who were sick and at risk was systematically torpedoed, making people believe that the only hope was in the form of lucrative vaccines that were poorly tested and aimed at the entire population. Once the at-risk population had been vaccinated, it was unwise and sterile to continue vaccinating, but we were told that vaccines would stop the epidemic and return us to normal. “First we lock them up, then we scare them, and finally we vaccinate them,” was the slogan. Well, the fallacy has met reality. High vaccination rates are not curbing infections. In September, a study conducted in 68 countries found that, contrary to expectations, “areas with higher percentages of fully vaccinated populations had more cases of COVID-19 per million inhabitants”[4]. In this regard, according to a study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases vaccinated people who become ill with covid appear to be slightly more contagious than unvaccinated people, with a similar viral load[5]. To make matters worse, another study showed that “the occurrence and frequency of vaccine-resistant mutations correlate strongly with the vaccination rates”[6], i.e. the higher the percentage of vaccinated, the more variants. And according to a Swedish study published as a pre-print in The Lancet, Pfizer and Astrazeneca (85% of the vaccines administered in Spain) have “no effectiveness” in preventing covid infection a few months after inoculation, and their effectiveness in reducing severity and death has fallen to a “not detectable” 42% six months after vaccination[7]. Do not forget that all these data were before the famous Omicron variant, turned into scapegoat of the vaccine fiasco. Perhaps for this reason, according to the Spanish Ministry of Health, currently in Spain 71% of those hospitalized and 80% of those who die from covid over 60 years of age are fully vaccinated people[8], percentages that keep increasing. The evidence is becoming overwhelming. Thus, a recent article in The Lancet with data from several countries has denounced “the gross negligence” of the health authorities in denying such evidence[9] in a cynical flight forward. In Germany, “six out of ten symptomatic cases of COVID-19 in people over 60 are fully vaccinated [already seven out of ten], providing clear evidence of the growing relevance of the vaccinated as a possible source of transmission”. In the United Kingdom, nine out of ten new cases of COVID-19 among the over-60s “occurred among the fully vaccinated,” and a week earlier “the rate of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 had been higher among the vaccinated subgroup than in the unvaccinated” aged 30 years or older. And in Israel a hospital outbreak whose source had been a fully vaccinated patient resulted in “fourteen fully vaccinated patients becoming seriously ill or dying, while the two unvaccinated patients developed mild disease.” The Lacent’s article concludes, “It is grossly negligent to ignore the vaccinated population as a possible and relevant source of transmission.” These data completely dismantle the sham of the covid passport, the persecution of the unvaccinated and the children’s covid vaccination programs.

The voluntary-compulsory nature of these vaccines has violated medical and ethical principles. That’s not the case in Japan, where the Ministry of Health makes it clear that the COVID-19 vaccine “is neither compulsory nor mandatory, but will be given only with the consent of the person to be vaccinated after the information provided”. And it adds, “Please get vaccinated on your own decision, understanding both the effectiveness and the risk of side effects; no vaccine will be given without consent, and please do not force anyone in your workplace or those around you to be vaccinated, and do not discriminate against those who have not been vaccinated”[10].  And here, where are the informed consents? Which doctor has signed anything? Where is the respect for the unvaccinated in this environment of hysteria and public health fascism? In Spain, some regional despots, lounging in their feudal palaces, impose on their serfs the presentation of a safe-conduct to enter a hospital or to have a beer. It doesn’t matter that such an abuse is based on a superstition, because the vaccinated person transmits the virus exactly the same (or more) than the unvaccinated. And what can we say about the Supreme Court (with the courageous exception of a judge) that has lent itself to all this by authorizing the covid passport with such embarrassing contradictions?

This utter craziness must end. The time has come to demand that the health authorities tell the truth to the population about the limited effectiveness and safety issues of these vaccines and to stop the vaccination campaign on children. For healthy children this vaccine has far more risks than benefits and, as the American immunologist Robert Malone, co-inventor of mRNA vaccines’ technology, says, “the reason you are being given for vaccinating your child is a lie: your children present no danger to their parents or grandparents”[11]. I would go further. It is not the duty of children to protect adults, but it is the duty of parents to protect their children.


Fernando del Pino Calvo-Sotelo


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