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Did covid vaccines save lives?

Fernando del Pino Calvo Sotelo

May 7, 2024

The response to the covid pandemic is the biggest public health scandal in history. It was based on an enormous hoax, but the truth is coming out.

We already know that neither the illegal lockdowns nor the stupid masks served any purpose except to enrich a few friends of our corrupt political class[1], but what about the vaccines and gene therapies that were imposed on a voluntary-mandatory basis on the population? The reality is that many people today regret having been vaccinated and are worried about the side effects of which they have anecdotal evidence in their own circles, and which are beginning to be recognized by the pharmaceutical companies themselves. These people should be reassured by the fact that the passage of time decreases the possibility of suffering an adverse effect. Also, they should not be too hard on themselves because they were coerced to take the decision and misinformed, since the medical profession to which they turned for information failed them miserably (with a few brave exceptions).

Indeed, most of the population did not vaccinate in freedom, but forced to do so by an unbearable political and social pressure. First, they were terrified on purpose by a media terror campaign that made them believe that covid was extremely dangerous for everyone and that only vaccines could save their lives. Then they were manipulated with feelings of guilt based on superstitious beliefs: the vaccine does not only protect you, but also others (“if you don’t get vaccinated, you will kill grandpa”). Finally, they were coerced by the criminalization of the unvaccinated and blackmailed by the covid passport, designed to make life impossible for the latter.

Despite this, the same policy makers who forced them to get the jab now cynically wash their hands claiming that vaccination was “voluntary” and that the covid vaccines were safe and saved many lives.

Untested and unsafe vaccines

Few serious analysts today doubt that these poorly tested vaccines and gene therapies were unsafe. Not only have a multitude of serious side effects been documented, ischemic and cardiovascular (thrombosis, stroke, myocarditis, pulmonary embolism, etc.), immunological and other[2], but they have very likely caused the deaths of tens of thousands of people, as suggested by EudraVigilance and VAERS pharmacovigilance data. The following table shows the annual deaths reported in the U.S. after vaccination from 1991 to the present[3]:

The same people who defended the falsehood that vaccines prevented contagion and, later, that they prevented severity and death (another falsehood, as we shall see), defend that such disturbing data can be disregarded. Correlation does not imply causation, they say. Theoretically correct, but should we therefore dismiss the chart as having no informational value at all? Why do we have pharmacovigilance then? Should we consider this chart normal? Clearly not. In 2021, 33% of deaths after vaccination occurred less than a week after the shot. Pure coincidence? Keep in mind that these are the reported deaths, so how many will be the real ones? How can it be that the EMA (complicit, like all regulators, in this scandal) naturally accepts the 12,000 reported deaths in Europe[4] by referring to the low ratio to the number of vaccinees? Is there any precedent of any drug for which tens of thousands of suspicious deaths have been reported that has not been withdrawn from the market?  

Did the vaccines save lives?

In the face of the avalanche of side effects, the new slogan is to affirm that, despite this, vaccines saved countless lives and that, therefore, the risk-benefit ratio continues to be positive.

The scientific evidence does not seem to support such conclusion. A review of randomized controlled trials that appeared as a preprint in The Lancet concluded that the mortality rate of those vaccinated with mRNA vaccines was slightly higher than that of the unvaccinated, suggesting, at best, that the vaccines did not save lives and, at worst, that deaths caused by their adverse effects (particularly cardiovascular) exceeded the lives supposedly saved by them[5]. Its lead author, a Danish physician, acknowledged the attempt to hide the truth: “I have been doing this for many years and I know that there are powers out there who are not interested in really digging into these findings[6]”. In spite of this, some research[7], broadly publicized in mainstream media, argued that millions of lives had been saved by the vaccines, but it seemed sheer advertising: the bias embedded in their funding -WHO, the Gates Foundation and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, linked to the very producers of vaccines-, together with serious scientific blunders[8], meant it had very low credibility and should have been taken with a grain of salt.

Spain’s own official data also question the effectiveness of the vaccines in preventing covid severity and death. A few days ago, the Ministry of Health acknowledged that 30% of those who died from covid during the pandemic had died despite being vaccinated[9]. Of course, the mere publication of these data in a couple of media raised the alarms of the laughably called fact-checkers, promoted by the globalist oligarchy to act as thought police, that perfume their numerical illiteracy with “sophisticated” concepts such as Simpson’s Paradox, although in their case it applies more like The Simpson’s paradox: “It takes two to lie: one to lie and one to listen” (Homer Simpson).  

In reality, the data provided by the Ministry of Health, which we reproduce below[10], should have given rise to much bolder headlines:  

The first thing to be said is that the table above raises doubts about the reliability of the data provided. Indeed, it is suspicious that 28% of the deceased had “no record” of vaccination status and, furthermore, it is impossible that the lethality (CFR) of these (deceased/diagnosed cases) be 4.4% when the lethality (CFR) of the rest of the categories is 0.67%.

But let’s take the numbers for good. A priori, if about 30% of those who died from covid were vaccinated, we could conclude (prematurely) that the vaccines had a certain effectiveness in preventing death, not an absolute one (as we had been promised), but at least a relative one, given that about 87% of the population ended up being vaccinated. However, this apparently logical argument is fallacious.

First, one cannot compare data from two different periods: the percentage of deaths in a period covering the entire pandemic (from the beginning of 2020) vs. the percentage of vaccinated that only started taking the jab in 2021 and reached their maximum in mid-2022. Thus, a more correct comparison would have been to compare the percentage of deaths with the average (not maximum) vaccination rate since vaccines became available (beginning of 2021).

Second, according to the government ca. 51,000 people died from covid in 2020[11] (before the arrival of vaccines), very much the same number of unvaccinated deaths in the table above. Since in order to measure the effectiveness of the vaccines this number of deaths must be eliminated from the study and the comparison begin when the vaccines became available, it can be thus estimated that between 50% and 75% of the total number of deaths from covid since the beginning of 2021 died despite being vaccinated, assuming reasonable hypotheses of vaccination of those whose vaccination status, according to the Health Ministry, is supposedly unknown. Weirdly enough, these people died despite much milder variants (after 2020) and a sizeable proportion of the population naturally immunized.  

In 2022, 84% of those who died from covid were vaccinated

Other official data support these doubts on the effectiveness of the covid vaccines. Indeed, during the pandemic the Ministry of Health published weekly epidemiological updates in which vaccination status began to appear since 2021. Those of us who followed them were able to observe that the witch-hunt of the unvaccinated was not only liberticidal but also went against known evidence.

Indeed, the media spoke of an “epidemic of the unvaccinated”, but the hard data showed that the vaccine did not protect at all against contagion and did not stop transmission[12] (which did not prevent Spain’s Supreme Court from endorsing the infamous covid passport in a truly shameful sentence[13]). When it became impossible to hide the evidence (at the beginning of 2022 about 90% of the cases diagnosed by covid were vaccinated people[14]), the same media started to defend a new slogan: although vaccinated people were infected just as much (or more) than unvaccinated people, most people hospitalized, in the ICU or dead belonged to the unvaccinated minority. However, this was another lie. Once again, the raw data from the Spanish Ministry of Health and from other countries such as the UK[15] disproved it. Week after week, the percentage of hospitalized and deceased that were fully vaccinated rose. It soon exceeded the 50% threshold, then 60% and later 70%.

Finally, by the end of March 2022, despite conflicting estimated rates, the Spanish Ministry of Health data showed that 84% of those who had died from covid in the previous two months (for which vaccination status was available) had died despite being fully vaccinated[16]. Given that the 85% vaccination coverage hurdle of the target population was not reached until May 2022 (two months later), the percentage of vaccinated deaths during the first quarter of 2022 was practically identical to the percentage of vaccinated deaths in the population, which would indicate that the effectiveness of the vaccines in preventing death from covid was, in that period, close to zero. After this, the Health Ministry did not break down again the number of deaths by vaccination status.  

Ineffective and unnecessary, but very profitable

Vaccination was not only ineffective, but also unnecessary for most of the population, for whom covid was always a statistically mild disease[17]: healthy adults up to possibly 65 years of age, adolescents, teenagers and children (for whom it was milder than seasonal flu[18]). The vaccination of the latter was particularly immoral. Finally, vaccines were also unnecessary for those who had survived the disease, as they had superior natural immunity[19].

However, the political-media-pharma collusion pushed for indiscriminate vaccination with the absurd argument that the vaccine only worked if everyone was vaccinated. One of the incentives of this deception was, of course, money – the maximization of Big Pharma’s profits. Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna have earned in two years some 75 billion dollars in profits[20] from the sale of a drug that has been the most lucrative in history by far.  

But there were other motives. Indeed, they wanted to create a precedent of universal vaccination, which Big Pharma and the sinister WHO want to make recurrent, but above all, they wanted to prevent the existence of a control group so that vaccines’ effectiveness could not be measured. Indeed, the effectiveness of any drug is measured by comparing the results of those who receive the treatment with those who do not receive it (the “control group”). Thus, the reason behind the lynching suffered by Sweden when it decided not to lock down its population and not to force them to wear the useless masks was another attempt to prevent a control group on the absurd “non-pharmaceutical interventions”, whose epidemiological uselessness was partly demonstrated by the Swedish success.

Most of the population should never have been exposed to an experimental drug where for most the health risk outweighed the potential benefit, as quantified by Peter Doshi in the British Medical Journal[21]. We should demand accountability and never accept such a hoax again. Ever.  

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