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Davos, the great enemy of freedom

The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) looks more and more like the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival, but behind the appearance of a vanity fair's masquerade where everyone helps everyone else to hold on to their masks, it is undeniable that Davos has a disturbing global power agenda.

Fernando del Pino Calvo Sotelo

January 20, 2023

The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) looks more and more like the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival, but behind the appearance of a vanity fair’s masquerade where everyone helps everyone else to hold on to their masks, it is undeniable that Davos has a disturbing global power agenda.

The format of the event is designed to impress, but in reality it is simply a play with five types of characters: the stars, the extras, the journalists, the visible faces of the organization and, finally, the shady globalist power, of which the WEF is one of its main tools.

The characters of the play

The organizers first choose the stars, a few power figures who act as bait and who are usually relevant politicians and billionaires, i.e., the Caesars and Crassus of today.

Like moths irremediably attracted by the glitter of the stars, the extras attend in order to embellish their feathers by saying that they have rubbed elbows with the mighty, although most of the time rubbing elbows is literally that: lightly grazing each other’s elbows as they pass by in a narrow corridor. This is the case of most attendees, multinational executives, bureaucrats, NGOs, politicians from unimportant countries and intellectuals. Vanitas vanitatum.

The same vanity attracts journalists, also driven by their proverbial curiosity and fascination for secrecy. They are offered the crumbs of power, although their real function in the play is to duly transmit the slogans and to protect the power from any negative publicity.

The visible faces of the organization are bureaucrats who are not necessarily required to have great knowledge or intellectual depth, but other kinds of talents, and who, although they have a certain authority, are far from being the Authority.

Finally come the knights of the shadow power, not in vain what Tolkien’s One Ring gave its Bearer was the ability to become invisible. They enter the stage humming the song of my admired Freddie Mercury: “Here we are/Born to be Kings/We are the Princes of the Universe”. We will talk about them later.

Davos is a large convention that gathers around 2,600 people. Most of them are the representatives of rich corporations and foundations, although about 10% represent news agencies and the media, a figure that shows the importance given to journalists as transmitters of the pertinent guidelines.

Regular attendees have been the big global censors (Google, Microsoft, and Facebook), representatives of the UN and the EU, a few Anglo-Saxon universities (especially Harvard) and the global “philanthropic” powers, particularly Bill Gates (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a WEF donor[1]) and George Soros (Open Society).

Finally, two-thirds of the participants tend to come from the US and Europe, although the Arab dictatorships of the Persian Gulf are disproportionately represented in relation to their GDP[2], which implies an intriguing intimacy between the main oil producers and the promoters of the climate change swindle.  

The hypocrisy of Davos

One characteristic of the World Economic Forum is its hypocrisy: “Rules for thee, not for me.”  It advocates transparency but is a champion of opacity. With revenues of 360 million Swiss francs and a staff of almost 800 people, its Annual Report does not break down its revenue by donor nor its expenses, of which it only gives a couple of headings without further detail[3]. Nor is there any independent audit report.  

Likewise, the same World Economic Forum that so much defends the State as a “stakeholder” and proposes tax increases for everyone is an exempt entity that does not pay any taxes at all beyond the social security of its employees.

They like to talk about dialogue. However, rather than hosting a debate between opposed opinions (which they never do) they engage in a mantra-like, constant repetition of their own slogans. They also support the censorship imposed by the media, Big Tech and the laughably named fact-checkers, possibly created by themselves. In reality, Davos has never truly defended freedom, a term that Klaus Schwab barely mentions in his books (and never clearly defends) at the same time that he usually omits the expression “private property”.

The latest exercise in hypocrisy of the climate change obsessed WEF is that, while in its menus insects and synthetic burgers are probably nowhere to be found but sirloins surely are, Siemens Chairman, a WEF board member, demands one billion people of the world to stop eating meat in order to have an impact on climate[4]. Finally, its attendees do not come in electric cars nor in the Flintstones’ Cavemobiles, but in a hypocritical swarm of “polluting” private planes.

A desire for total domination

Who are those who wield power in the shadows – or rather, in the twilight?  Roughly speaking, they are multibillionaire individuals and institutions for whom money already has a diminishing marginal utility (but not power) helped by a group of illuminated (or mercenary) bureaucrats. All of them are linked by their messianism, their god complex and their megalomania, and their aim is to deprive man of the gift of freedom, a concept they despise as they consider that only they, the chosen ones, superior beings, know what should be done.

Politically, their dream model is much closer to China than to democracy, to which they reserve the role of deciding only on irrelevant issues while the main lines of thought and action are decided by the “elite”. Thus, in this globalist movement, elected politicians do not belong to the officialdom but to the rank and file. They do not command; they are commanded, for those who aspire to global domination cannot expose themselves to public scrutiny or rotate every four years. As Elon Musk (one of the few to decline an invitation to attend Davos) rightly summarizes, “the World Economic Forum is becoming an unelected world government that the people never asked for and the people do not want.”

Like Sauron, the forgers of this globalist One Ring suffer from the libido dominandi described by St. Augustine in the 5th century, that is, from a feverish lust for universal domination. Their will to power knows no limits, for their project, as we shall see, is nothing less than a New Creation in which they rival God himself. However, unlike God, they do not want a free human being capable of love, but a frightened servant who merely obeys. Hence, the gradual establishment of the Culture of Fear in Western societies – as witnessed by the covid hysteria and the climate apocalypse – is no coincidence.

We must understand that they consider a hostile force any power structure alien to them. On the one hand, their globalist vocation makes unelected supranational organizations (such as the UN or the EU) their preferred system of government and the nation-state their declared enemy, which is why they always depict patriotism as radical or fascist nationalism.

On the other hand, they also declare war on the family, which for them is simply another rival power structure that protects its members and hinders their goal of isolating the individual in order to control him more easily. This explains why this secular institution, a fortress founded on a force they do not control (love) and once considered impregnable, is under a diabolical siege, subject to constant shelling – i.e., inciting the Sex Struggle (the substitute of the Class Struggle) and the perverse gender ideology-, while its walls are being mined by that sign of the times called lack of commitment (concubinage, express divorce, abortion, etc.).

Finally, they consider the belief in God and religion (especially Christianity) another hostile power structure, something natural given their militant atheism, residual in the US general population and very much a minority in Europe[5] but clearly a majority in this power group, a key point that is often overlooked.  

The anthropological subversion of the Great Reset

The abovementioned mundane power agenda being real, it is worthwhile to dwell on the background of the battle they are waging, which is anthropological in nature. Indeed, the goal of the new gods is to recreate the world according to their dystopian delusions.

To achieve this, their strategy is first to deconstruct man in order to later reconstruct him. The deconstruction is achieved by blurring the moral and anthropological references that constitute his true center of gravity, so that, weakened and without a compass, he can become a dismantled puppet. Thus, beyond the freedom-killing changes they propose (social, political and economic), their Great Reset is actually a New Creation with a New Man, an obedient and amoral clone, a silent and submissive servant, without voice or vote, who will be told what to do, period.

Naturally, this dystopia, presented in the bare, is very unattractive, so in order to “bring them all and in the darkness bind them” they need to use deception by promising the apparent opposite of servitude: the Homo Deus, the man-God, which explains the gradual imposition of scientism in Western societies. Science (or, rather, the pretension of science) has been transformed into an idol that will allow man to become God, to know the future and to master life and death, which is why the enormous limitations of human knowledge (in climate, science, or medicine) are systematically concealed.

The next step is transhumanism, which promises the overcoming through technology of the aforementioned human limitations (physical and mental). This explains the media campaign that attempts to permeate, like thin and constant rain, the chimera of the imminent discovery of the secret of longevity and immortality, a reflection of a hubris that refuses to accept the unescapable limit of death.

A real threat to freedom

The strategy of those pulling the strings of the World Economic Forum is the fait accompli. No one has debated or voted the 2030 Agenda, or the covid passport, or gender ideology, or the economic suicide embedded on the climate change hoax, or the infamous, widespread censorship, or the reduction of the world’s population at all costs – which is their true obsession. These “ideas” simply appeared one day as if by magic, took over the media and imposed themselves as pensée unique.

Perhaps the most paradigmatic case is the EU, the laboratory par excellence of globalism, whose self-denominated “elite”, answerable to no one and acting with increasing despotism, makes it the ideal environment for promoting these programs of fait accompli.

However, despite the obvious power they ostentatiously flaunt, we must keep away from the trap of defeatism. Evil always tries to intimidate by appearing omnipotent when in reality it hides a radical impotence, since it knows it can win battles but will always lose the war. Having said this, what is the best way to fight it?

Given its preference for secrecy and censorship, we must point a finger and put the spotlight on it to dispel the darkness in which it likes to operate and raise our voices to break the silence it wants to impose, stripping it of all its seductive disguises and depriving it even of its perfumes, to show it in all its ugliness and in all its stench.

The World Economic Forum and the powers behind it are becoming a parody of themselves and will utterly fail in their attempt of global domination as soon as their sinister and crazy delusions come out in the open as they really are. In the meanwhile, however, we must be certain that we are facing the most important threat to liberty and truth since last century’s Communist and Nazi totalitarianisms. We must take this threat seriously.


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