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Davos and the WHO: towards a global health dictatorship (II)

Fernando del Pino Calvo Sotelo

February 16, 2024

At its 77th Assembly in May this year the WHO intends to amend the International Health Regulations (IHR) and adopt a Pandemic Treaty to create a real health dictatorship which would turn the nightmare we were obliged to live through during the covid into something recurrent. Negotiations are being conducted with great discretion, to avoid public exposure, and unusually quickly, to avoid the risk of a hostile outcome (hostile to the WHO initiative) in the US elections in November 2024. The most serious matter is that something that would profoundly affect our daily lives, our freedom, health, and economy is being kept in the dark and out of public debate. Naturally, they do not want it to be put to a vote either: it is a decision that they want to take behind the backs of those affected, without them knowing about it and without them having a say. The threat is very serious and is being ignored, of course, by the media.

What is the WHO and what is its purpose?

The WHO is a public-private funded organization that is increasingly controlled by private interests and hidden power agendas and has a highly questionable track record peppered with suspicions of collusion with the interests of Big Pharma. Tellingly, member country dues cover only 17% of its budget, while 83% comes from “voluntary donations”[1], most of which are earmarked for a specific purpose of the donor’s choice. In that order, the five largest volunteer donors are the US, Germany, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization) and the European Commission[2]. In turn, GAVI, which purchases vaccines from the pharmaceutical industry to distribute them worldwide, was created thanks to the Gates Foundation, its main funder[3].

What does the WHO intend to change? The current International Health Regulations are limited to suggesting non-binding recommendations to Member States. Well, now the WHO intends to turn these recommendations into binding rules that Member states must comply with, transferring the power of decision to the WHO itself (the “coordinating authority”) and concentrating such power in a single person, the WHO director, who apparently could enforce measures such as imposing lockdowns, quarantining and isolating individuals, requiring mandatory medical examinations and mandatory vaccination, closing borders, imposing masks, and surveillance and monitoring of affected individuals[4].

The incentive system is perverse. If the director of the WHO would have the power to arbitrarily declare a pandemic and, in doing so, obtain enormous power (and the pharmaceutical companies an exorbitant profit), how come not expect him to declare pandemic after pandemic for the benefit of himself, the WHO and the new Pandemic Industry?

The approval of these texts would mean taking repeatedly (but in a more draconian form) the same measures that miserably failed during covid from an epidemiological point of view, but which were a resounding success for Big Pharma and for the power junkies. Indeed, the latter were surprised by the ease with which citizens could be locked up, forced to wear useless masks in the most absurd settings, injected with experimental vaccines and gene therapies and made them inject them into their children’s arms, and allow their relatives to be left to die all alone in hospitals with hardly anyone protesting. They discovered, in short, that a frightened human being abandons his freedom, his dignity and his ability to think, and they have decided to seize such “opportunity” (Klaus Schwab’s chosen expression).

The WHO project also plans the creation of a global bio-surveillance network, encourages the routine approval of vaccines for emergency use (the cause of the ineffectiveness and mortality caused by covid “vaccines”), and foresees mass vaccination programs without informed consent, as during covid[5]. Even more serious is that WHO seems to promote gain-of-function research, a technology by which scientists play with fire by mutating viruses they find in animals to make them contagious to humans and increase their pathogenicity. In all probability, this is the origin of SARS-CoV-2.

Finally, the WHO proposes to remove the protection of human rights from Article 3 of the IHR. Where are the rights to privacy and freedom of movement, expression, and opinion[6]? They disappear, not in vain the WHO insists that States commit themselves to combat “disinformation”, i.e. to censor any voice contrary to the official narrative. Since censorship is always a way of violence exercised in order to silence the truth, it seems the WHO expects to lie extensively, and does not want witnesses.

It is worth remembering that the main source of disinformation and misinformation about the pandemic was precisely the official narrative propagated by the political-media-pharma collusion and the WHO itself. On the contrary, those of us who dared to speak out and denounce all the abuse, the lies, and the manipulation, basing our criticism on statistical data, peer-reviewed scientific evidence and pure logic, were accused of disinformation. May I ask who was defending the truth?

WHO as a constant source of disinformation

The WHO knows a lot about disinformation. First it echoed the lies of the Chinese government denying that the virus was transmitted from person to person[7] and defending a bogus natural zoonotic origin[8], a false premise from which everything starts. Today there is little doubt that the origin of covid was a lab leak, as claimed by the FBI[9] and a myriad of reports[10] and logic dictated[11]. It is also known that the work at the Wuhan Institute of Virology involved US institutions and scientists, one of whom was chosen by the WHO as part of the “fact-finding” mission it sent to China as a smokescreen[12]. This might indicate that the WHO was involved in the cover-up.

The WHO also contributed to propagating the main hoax of the pandemic, namely the deliberate exaggeration of covid mortality in order to terrify the population and promote submission and vaccination. Thus, it went so far as to claim that the virus fatality rate (CFR) was 3.4%[13] when in fact the infection fatality rate (IFR, the truly relevant one) was 0.03% for those under 60 years of age (one hundredth of what the WHO claimed) and 0.07% for those under 70 years of age[14].

Likewise, the WHO went from stating that there was no scientific evidence to support the use of masks[15] to recommending their use[16] without any further explanations, and, of course, it publicized the vaccines and gene therapies that enriched its friends in Big Pharma by calling them “safe” (even today) despite the overwhelming data on their dangerousness.

WHO manufactures pandemics where there are none

To justify the need for these changes, the WHO, a great beneficiary of the Culture of Fear[17], exaggerates the real risk of occurrence and true impact of pandemics, because contrary to what they would have us believe, serious pandemics are a rarity in History[18]. In fact, the last one was the so-called Spanish flu of 1918, which struck mainly young people. Even though most did not die from influenza but from subsequent bacterial pneumonia at a time when antibiotics were not yet available[19], it ended up causing the death between 1,5% and 2.5% of the world’s population in two years, a crude mortality rate of up to 27 times higher than covid. However, the main difference between the two pandemics is that the first one was spontaneous and natural, whereas the second one, remember, was a leak from a government biological lab.

The WHO has a long history of false alarms and collusion with pharmaceutical industry interests. For example, in 2005 it declared an avian flu pandemic that never achieved human to human transmission and caused only 74 deaths worldwide in two years. This did not prevent governments, encouraged by the WHO, from buying millions of drugs from Big Pharma, which expired stacked in warehouses.

In 2009, the WHO returned to the fray and declared a swine flu pandemic. A month earlier it had modified the definition of pandemic so that there was only one requirement (contagiousness) and not two (contagiousness and lethality). Thus, the WHO could declare a pandemic, even if it was a mild and unimportant disease. The best summary of the swine flu (or influenza A) scandal was made by a well-known Spanish journalist who echoed an epidemiologist’s complaint to the European Council in which he accused the pharmaceutical lobby and the WHO itself of deliberately creating a wave of hysteria. The journalist was right in stating that the panic that had swept the world “had not been spontaneous but planned” (does that ring a bell?) and accusing governments, “ably shepherded by the pharmaceutical lobbies”, of buying millions of useless vaccines because of “the most disgusting business: the business of fear”[20]. I guess back then the “denialists” were the good guys.

Since 2005, WHO has declared six pandemics or Public Health Emergencies of International Concern in addition to covid. Can you remember any of them? The last one was monkeypox (a couple headlines and 177 deaths worldwide in two years). This means a so-called “pandemic” every two and a half years, and in all of them the WHO would get nearly absolute powers.

The health dictatorship and the globalist movement

Evil thrives upon the incredulity of those who refuse to believe in its existence, and the power junkies take advantage of this in their quest for domination. This is particularly the case of the globalist movement, whose aim is not to supplant Western democracies but to superimpose itself on them. Thus, the masses are kept content with an appearance of democracy (and distracted by superfluous debates on secondary issues) while what is important is decided behind closed doors by a self-called elite. Its experimental field par excellence is the EU, where the elected European Parliament babbles inconsequentially while all decisions are made by the unelected European Commission, subject to shadowy powers that be.

This globalist movement is like a slow-motion coup d’état that undermines nation-states and empowers technocratic supranational organizations, more opaque and more corruptible and removed from the public spotlight. In this sense, the WHO is just another instrument: the disproportionate influence of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is joined by the dark influence of the Davos megalomaniac guys, who so fervently support the (their) Pandemic Treaty[21].

The WHO and globalism go hand in hand. For instance, the WHO emphasizes “disinformation”, and lo and behold the World Economic Forum designates “disinformation” as the greatest global risk of 2024[22], while the obedient president of the obedient European Commission echoes the same message[23]. Incidentally, the director of the WHO participated in this last Davos meeting with instructions not to mention the Pandemic Treaty in his speech[24]. Isn’t it a bit weird?

The alliance between the WHO and the globalist movement is especially obvious in their quest for implementing a digital ID as a tool for population control, an old obsession of both the Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum. In fact, in June 2023 the WHO announced its partnership with the European Commission to implement a global digital ID in imitation of the European health passport[25], which was based, remember, on the lie that vaccines prevented the contagion and transmission of covid (a falsehood from the very beginning[26]). The World Economic Forum goes way further, as it fantasizes in a 2022 document with a digital ID that would be used to make purchases, monitor online activity, show medical history, open a bank account, access health services or travel[27] , which would facilitate the hypothetical creation of a social credit system such as in China.

The WHO and the globalists want to implement a dictatorial power for themselves, an illicit enrichment for a few and a tyrannical and claustrophobic control for the rest of us. Despite the stealth with which this real coup d’état is being carried out, the growing alarm around the world[28] and the discussions among them on how to divide the loot are shaking the process, as recently recognized by that puppet and aspiring dictator who heads the WHO[29]. However, we cannot let our guard down. We are facing an unprecedented threat.

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