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Davos and the WHO: a global health dictatorship (I)?

Fernando del Pino Calvo Sotelo

February 12, 2024

We all suffered from the pandemic and from the dictatorial measures imposed by the political powers, which exacerbated the trauma. However, the perception of the events varied.

Many believed the official narrative and blindly complied with (and even justified) any rules improvised by the authorities, no matter how absurd. This behavior is understandable: driven by a naïve trust in the principle of authority or succumbing to the obscene media terror campaign, it was very difficult to fight the collective hysteria, even more so without the support of a medical establishment that, with a few and very brave exceptions, left us in the lurch. In fact, most of the medical profession forgot the primum non nocere of the Hippocratic oath and, sometimes, basic common sense, and limited itself to obeying with political correctness and bureaucrat’s zeal (sometimes forgetting the) the protocols dictated by obscure political interests and mundane economic interests stemming from the long tentacles of the pharmaceutical industry. The psychological consequences have been terrible: according to a recent British survey, those who followed the restrictions more strictly have worse mental health today – with higher rates of stress, anxiety, and depression – than those who took it with the skepticism that such an accumulation of ridiculousness deserved[1].

Some of us contemplated those events with increasing doses of suspicion and outrage at the unprecedented abuses we were suffering. Likewise, after the initial shock, we came to understand that not even one of the measures taken responded to scientific criteria, but rather to political ones, and that practically everything the media said was simply false and did not stand up to the scrutiny of the data.

However, while the average citizen was living the same nightmare in one way or another, there were two groups coldly analyzing the situation. The first was Big Pharma, focused on the huge profits to be made from mRNA technology, which had been available for some time but had never received regulatory approval or public acceptance since they were gene therapies[2]. To overcome resistance, they changed its name to “vaccine” and took advantage of the demand from a population that had previously been terrorized by a well-designed terror campaign. They thus achieved authorization for emergency use, which involved an abbreviated approval process and incomplete clinical trials with dubious results[3], although there was one final hurdle to overcome: emergency use required that no effective treatment for covid existed. Perhaps because of this, any promising (and inexpensive) drug or treatment was torpedoed, such as vitamin D used preventively[4] or in patients already admitted[5], or hydroxychloroquine, which was withdrawn from the market despite studies showing its effectiveness and safety in early treatment[6], particularly in combination with azithromycin[7], significantly reducing covid mortality[8].

The other group that analyzed the events with a psychopathic emotional distance was formed by the globalist power junkies, for whom the pandemic became an experiment to measure the capacity of the population to swallow all kind of abuses and its capacity for submission. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the president of the World Economic Forum in Davos called the pandemic an “opportunity” to impose his sinister Great Reset[9].

It is in this context that we should take note of a serious threat that is being ignored, of course, by the media. Indeed, at its 77th Assembly, to be held in May of this year, the WHO intends to modify the International Health Regulations and approve a Pandemic Treaty that would mean the advent of a world health dictatorship in the event of a new pandemic, real or invented, turning the dystopian nightmare that we were made to live through for three years into something recurrent. Do not believe the falsely reassuring smokescreens of the WHO itself, of the laughably named fact-checkers or of the European political class: they lie as they did during covid. The threat is real.

Given that the Pandemic Treaty canonizes the three major measures taken during covid as pillars of the response to future epidemic emergencies, the first thing to understand is that they were all a colossal and unmitigated failure, a complete farce, from start to finish. Let’s see what “science” says about the efficacy of lockdowns, masks, and these vaccines and gene therapies.

Illegal and ineffective lockdowns

Locking up the population by copying the Chinese dictatorship was not only an illegal abuse of authority, but a socially devastating and epidemiologically sterile measure. Remember the deception: “a couple of weeks to flatten the curve” ended up being three months of house arrest and more than an additional year of various restrictions on freedom of movement within our own cities, with curfews and a string of increasingly nonsensical and abusive measures.

Lockdowns ruined millions of people economically and mentally. Thus, a recent study based on 600 publications states that “the collateral damage of the response to the pandemic was far-reaching and will leave behind a legacy of harm for hundreds of millions of people for years to come”, concluding that “many of the original predictions [of those of us who criticized such measures] are amply corroborated by the data”[10].

They were also epidemiologically unhelpful, as they did not reduce covid mortality. In Spain, for example, there were 288 covid deaths before the lockdown and nearly 30,000 after it, ninety days later. Therefore, when Spanish PM Sanchez claimed that the lockdowns (i.e. him) had saved hundreds of thousands of lives -without a single media outlet or opposing politician questioning such data- it was all pure invention.

In fact, a meta-analysis conducted by the Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics and Global Health based on more than 1,000 studies states that “lockdowns did not significantly reduce mortality and are not, therefore, an effective way to reduce mortality during a pandemic (…)”[11], describing their collateral effects as “devastating” and concluding that they “should be rejected as a tool for pandemic control”[12]. This conclusion is in line with what the WHO itself stated in 2006: “The experience of the 1918 influenza pandemic (the “Spanish flu”) indicates that social distancing measures did not stop the transmission of the virus”[13].

Useless masks imposed by useless bureaucrats

Similarly, three years of grotesque imposition of masks did not prevent the virus from circulating freely, while where they were not compulsory, such as in Sweden, excess mortality was below average. Nor did the elimination of masks lead to an increase in cases. In March 2021 -two years before Spain did- Texas (population: 29 million) declared a return to normalcy, eliminated masks and all kinds of restrictions; businesses, schools and universities were opened, and the health passport was banned. Only 7% of the population was vaccinated. Nothing happened.

Already in October 2020, Dr. Ladapo, Professor of Medicine at UCLA and now head of Health of Florida (population: 22 million), warned in the Wall Street Journal of the masks’ farce: “The masks are a distraction: the virus spreads inevitably”[14]. Time would prove him right.

Scientific evidence of their usefulness was always absent. A Cochrane study (maximum statistical reliability) had concluded in early 2020 that “wearing a surgical mask makes little or no difference (…) compared to not wearing one”[15], and a 2023 review followed the same conclusion. and a 2023 review still found “no clear reduction in respiratory viral infection with the use of surgical masks (…) or N95/P2”[16]. Even the WHO stated at the beginning of the epidemic that “there is no evidence on the efficacy of facemasks in non-diseased persons, and cloth masks are not recommended under any circumstances”.

Subsequent randomized controlled trials also found no evidence of their efficacy[17], nor was any evidence found “that mandatory facemasks for healthcare personnel had an impact on hospital infection rates”[18]. Despite this, our political class in Spain has continued to fool us by reinstating the mask in hospitals to combat the seasonal flu.

Especially egregious was the mistreatment suffered by schoolchildren when “scientific data did not support the masking of children for protection against covid”[19], according to a recent study. Yet another one, conducted in Catalonia (both published in the British Medical Journal), also found “no significant difference in the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 due to the mandate to wear masks in schools”[20]

Unnecessary, ineffective, and dangerous vaccines

That great Spanish physician of the 20th century, the wise Gregorio Maranon, was surprised by “the power that medicines have on the credulity of men” and added: “We used to know which was the remedy sanctioned by a scientific and empirical principle and which was the drug invented by fraudsters. Now the most inadmissible therapeutic processes appear disguised in the cloak of science with the guarantee of professors and undersigned by important laboratories”[21]. In this sense, the universal covid vaccination program with products that have probably been the most lethal in the history of medicine has been the greatest public health scandal in history.

Its implementation was based on the deliberate exaggeration of the mortality of covid, on social pressure, on the denial of the power of natural immunity after passing the disease and on the bombardment of horror stories, which made the population believe that the disease was much more dangerous than it really was.

However, since 2020 there were fairly accurate lethality tables that centered the danger of the virus on the elderly[22] and people with four very specific comorbidities, a fact that did not prevent Bill Gates from stating with enormous cynicism, in 2022, that “at the beginning we did not understand that covid had a fairly low lethality and that it mainly affected the elderly, similar to the flu”[23]. To the deception about the real danger of the virus must be added another one: we were told that the “vaccines” prevented contagion and transmission and that they would stop the epidemic if we achieved vaccinal “herd immunity”. This was not true.

The reality was that covid was less severe than influenza in children and statistically mild in healthy young people and adults up to a certain age, that natural immunity provided far greater protection than vaccination, and that “vaccines” did not prevent infection and transmission. Regarding their low effectiveness (sometimes negative), in the first quarter of 2022, 81% of those hospitalized for covid in Spain and 84% of those who died were perfectly vaccinated individuals, according to official data from the Ministry of Health[24], data congruent with those of other countries and with dozens of published studies.

From the patient’s point of view, the experimental vaccines, and gene therapies against covid did not meet any of the requirements for any vaccine: they were neither necessary (for the vast majority of the population) nor effective nor safe. However, from the point of view of the pharmaceutical companies, they fulfilled the only important requirement: profit. They would eventually become the most lucrative drug in history.

Their adverse effects have been hushed up by the “omerta” (or law of silence, typical of the mafia) of the political-media-pharma collusion, but they are well documented[25]. In addition to the sudden death of children, youth, and healthy adults (with an unexplained statistically significant excess mortality), there are serious ischemic and cardiovascular effects, such as stroke, thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, myocarditis and pericarditis, atrial fibrillation, angina pectoris and arrhythmias[26], ocular, dermatological, immune, and neurological effects, such as acute transverse myelitis, herpes zoster, menstrual disorders[27], and a reduction in male fertility[28]. Some studies have identified the mechanism that would explain the potential direct causal relationship between mRNA vaccines and neurodegenerative diseases, myocarditis, thrombocytopenia, Bell’s palsy, liver disease, altered adaptive immunity, DNA damage and cancer[29].

Nothing worked except the dictatorship, and now they want to perpetuate it.

During covid they stole our freedom, lied to us constantly[30] and took measures as harmful as they were useless. Well, far from intoning a mea culpa, the WHO and its powers that be, with the support of the World Economic Forum in Davos[31], want to approve a Pandemic Treaty that will allow them to repeat the experiment on a recurring basis. Negotiations are being conducted below the radar, maintaining radio silence so that the population only learns of the fait accompli. In the second part of this article, we will explain how they intend to establish a global health dictatorship that we must impede at all costs.

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