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Covid and the culture of fear

For two years we have witnessed the greatest and most successful experiment in population behavior control in all History.

Fernando del Pino Calvo Sotelo

December 5, 2022

For two years we have witnessed the greatest and most successful experiment in population behavior control in all History.

Such massive psychological manipulation, which the passage of time allows us to analyze more soberly, could not have been so successful if it had not found a fertile ground in a society previously weakened by the Culture of Fear.

The Culture of Fear instills in us a constant fear of everything while trying to make us trust not in ourselves but in Power, that benevolent jailer to whom we must surrender our freedom so he can protect us from all evil in the only truly safe place: behind bars.

Thus, we can only be safe from all harm if we comply to the letter with the rules imposed on us by Power at any given moment.

The most obvious example of the Culture of Fear has been the totalitarian experiment launched during covid, that “great opportunity”, according to the illuminati of the World Economic Forum.

The fear

The first ingredient of this experiment was the panic created by the media terror campaign, designed to have the population accept mind-boggling abuses and happily inject themselves with experimental “vaccines” and gene therapies.

This collective hysteria, created on purpose, allowed dictatorial scenarios, such as police abuses, curfews and lockdowns, while the embarrassing figure of the collaborationist who denounced his neighbors, typical of totalitarian regimes, appeared.

The hypocrisy of Western politicians and media, who, having defended the confinement of their own citizens and the persecution as criminals of those who dared to disobey, pretend to be shocked by the lockdowns in China and applaud the demonstrators who dare to protest against tyranny, is staggering.

The lie

The second ingredient was the lie, since the key to the terror campaign was the concealment of an essential fact: since mid-2020 it was known that covid was only a potentially serious disease for the at-risk population, a minority defined by age and four comorbidities: obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

For the rest, covid was a statistically mild disease, as pointed out by numerous international epidemiological studies[1], Spain included[2]. More recent studies[3] have quantified the lethality (IFR) of the original covid at 0.03% for people under 60, being asymptotic with zero for healthy people under 30.

The terror campaign was not spontaneous but deliberate, even planned by Power: British government agencies’ documents reveal that, concerned that “a substantial number of people did not have a sufficient sense of danger”, they proposed that “their level of danger perception be increased with shocking emotional messages through the media”[4].  

Thus, for two long years, the obedient media published daily, in a systematic terror bombardment similar to that used for the psychological torture of prisoners, the most terrifying stories and images possible, people intubated, and bodies covered with a sheet.

To make no one feel safe, the horror stories methodically alternated cases belonging to different age groups and emphasized asymptomatic transmission, highly unusual (as known since 2020[5]) and surface (fomite) transmission, highly improbable (as known since 2020[6]).

The media led us to believe that we were dealing with an invisible killer with superpowers. It was not true, and when the power junkies ordered them to stop, they did, and overnight they never talked about covid again.

Despotic and arbitrary public “health” policies

Liberticidal and irrational measures followed one after another. The illegal confinements (of healthy people!), criticized by the best epidemiologists in the world[7], were a complete disaster that mentally[8] and economically ruined tens of thousands of people without any benefit to speak of, reaching the barbarism of condemning our elders to die alone.

After saying that the masks were useless, they sadistically imposed them on us even in the countryside and on the beach, something so ridiculous that it is embarrassing to remember. The scientific evidence of their epidemiological usefulness against a virus was nowhere to be found and, consequently, they did not prevent wave after wave of contagions[9], but it did not matter. What the damned masks did achieve was to create chronic stress and to convey a permanent sensation of danger that turned others into a threat.  

The use of cloth masks, bought in clothing stores for their color and not for their filtering capacity, indicated that we were facing a complete farce, but the collective hysteria was so fierce that people simply did not think at all.

This photo from the last Chinese Communist Party Congress shows the political nature of that symbol of submission that is the mask:

The bosses can be without masks; all the rest are obliged to wear them.

The infamous covid passport

Perhaps the greatest abuse of law and reason was the imposition of the covid passport, since vaccines and gene therapies never prevented the contagion or transmission of the disease, as Pfizer itself acknowledged a few weeks ago in the European Parliament.

Thus, the “herd immunity” argument (remember?) was another deliberate deception to achieve universal vaccination, since vaccines were never sterilizing and, therefore, could never have stopped transmission.

However, knowing the falsehood of the argument and with the sole purpose of promoting universal vaccination, the political-media-pharma collusion, supported in Spain by a shameful ruling of the Supreme Court[10], managed to impose the covid passport, making people believe that the vaccinated were protected by an invisible shield and unleashing a witch-hunt against the unvaccinated, falsely accused of propitiating the continuation of the epidemic.  

As Hannah Arendt reminds us in The Origins of Totalitarianism, “there have been men capable of resisting the most powerful monarchs and of refusing to submit to them, but there have been few who resisted the crowd, who, finding themselves alone in front of the manipulated masses, dared to say no when a yes was demanded of them.” This was exactly what those who decided not to be vaccinated did.

In reality, the covid passport never had anything to do with Medicine but with the creation of a precedent of a Digital Identity, a dystopian idea that has been cherished for years by the World Economic Forum[11] with the aim of creating an instrument of social credit for population control purposes. Thus, citizens who do not obey will find it difficult to lead a normal life (ATMs, supermarkets, restaurants, travel, etc.).  

This is the reason why the EU, laboratory par excellence of globalism, has extended the covid passport for another year, despite knowing its epidemiological uselessness.

Unnecessary and ineffective vaccines

The covid “vaccines”, which have been the most profitable product in the history of Big Pharma, were approved too quickly by regulators subject to the conflict of interest of the revolving doors and who barely supervised the clinical trials, as denounced by the British Medical Journal[12].

Greedy pharmaceutical companies, regulators who turn a blind eye, megalomaniacal globalists, and ignorant, unscrupulous politicians. What could go wrong?

In order to get the “vaccines” approved, they first had to demonize or ban cheap and promising early treatments because, had there been an effective treatment, the vaccines could not have been approved for emergency use.

The universal nature of the vaccination program was never justified, because in healthy adults, young people, or children (for all of whom the disease was mild) the requirement of necessity was not met.

Nor were they ever necessary for those who had already passed covid, since practically always (and covid was no exception[13]) passing an infectious disease generates a more powerful and lasting natural immune response than vaccination against it[14].

However, the Power sought a “universal” vaccination program, and for this purpose unleashed a campaign that, for the first time in history, denied natural immunization. Despising our wonderful immune system fitted in with the Culture of Fear, which seeks to make us trust only in Power, and not in ourselves.

On the other hand, it soon became evident that the “vaccines” did not meet the requirement of effectiveness either: the vaccinated continued to get infected by the droves and, with the very rapid decay of the supposed protection granted, continued to die from covid, to the point that when 80% of those killed by covid in Spain were perfectly vaccinated people (March 2022), the government stopped publishing the data[15].  

The elephant in the room: adverse effects

Despite this, “booster” doses continued, which not only did not work (four injections in 18 months!), but caused an unprecedented level of adverse effects[16], concentrated, it seems, in an interval of a few months after the injection.  

Thus, the current significant cardiovascular excess mortality (unexplained, if the media were to be believed) “is probably caused by the mRNA vaccines”, in the words of one of the most prestigious British cardiologists, once an advocate of covid vaccines[17]. Statistical evidence supports that conclusion.  

In fact, as early as June 2021 a study warned that vaccines could cause two deaths and four serious adverse effects for every three deaths they prevented[18].  

The current epidemic of sudden deaths[19], including 22-year-olds killed a week after vaccination and with autopsy and coroner’s report stating that the cause was the vaccine[20], and serious ischemic and cardiovascular problems in children, young people (including elite athletes), adults and perfectly healthy elderly (myocarditis and pericarditis[21], stroke[22], arrhythmias[23], thrombosis and thrombocytopenia, pulmonary embolism[24], etc.) are not the only known adverse effects. Serious ocular effects[25], herpes zoster[26], Bell’s palsy[27], neuropathies[28], menstrual disorders[29], reduced fertility[30] and potential accelerating effects on cancers[31] [32] have been documented. In the face of so much evidence, where are the doctors’ voices?

Some continue to blame the cardiovascular excess mortality on covid. However, a recent Israeli study on 200,000 convalescents of the disease did not observe any increased incidence of myocarditis or pericarditis in them[33].  

If covid were the culprit, why did this excess cardiovascular mortality not occur in 2020, when the virus was much more aggressive? Why has it had a temporal correlation with vaccination and booster campaigns?

Some authorities are backtracking. Denmark no longer offers vaccines to people under 50, unless prescribed by a physician for comorbidities[34] (as should have been done from the beginning). The State of Florida (population: 21 million) does not recommend them to people under 40, because according to its health authorities the risks of vaccines outweigh the benefits for that age range[35] (which is true). And Sweden[36] no longer recommends or offers vaccinations to children under 18 either. I bet you haven’t read this on mainstream media.

For two years, those who denounced this madness based exclusively on data were paradoxically branded as “denialists” and their writings were censored. It happened to me when, after ten years publishing my columns in leading Spanish business journal Expansion, one of my articles denouncing the irrationality and immorality of vaccinating children against covid was censored.

And for two years, health authorities and medical associations intimidated the brave physicians who dared to speak out in defense of scientific evidence[37]. Now the tide is turning, and doctors around the world are speaking out against what has become the biggest public health scandal in History.  

Never again

This was the hell we were put through with covid. How can we break the spell and prevent it from happening again? The first step is to maintain an axiomatic distrust of Power and limit our consumption of mass media, which we must see as they really are.

They are the main transmission belt of the Culture of Fear, and not a reliable source of information, since to the ideologized ignorance of the average journalist we must add the generalized corruption of deception, sensationalism and vested interests.

Thus, although the media may appear to hold different positions on the unimportant (i.e., national politics’ quarrels), they obediently and unanimously support the slogans that are truly relevant to today’s culture (covid, climate change, etc.).

If we want to inform ourselves in depth about a subject, let us look for primary sources, let us apply common sense and let us ask ourselves who has an interest in us believing something and who benefits from it. As the philosopher George Santayana said, skepticism is the chastity of the intellect.

The same prescription for diet applies to social media, effective tools of control designed to create addiction and so far, enemies of freedom of opinion, although Elon Musk on Twitter may change the status quo.

We must also develop heuristic techniques to distinguish truth from lies, not allowing ourselves to be manipulated by fallacies[38] and taking for granted that, if something is censored, by default it must be a truth that they want to hide.  

Finally, when we may become overwhelmed by the uncertainties of the future, the apocalyptic scenarios of the prophets of doom or the tragedies with which the Culture of Fear frightens us, let us turn our attention to to-day, to the present, and take refuge in the impregnable fortress of our circle of love, of the small real world that surrounds us, of our simple daily life, raising the drawbridge that separates us from the real and imaginary terrors, distant in time and space, that the Culture of Fear agitate to scare us.

As Sir William Osler advised in his well-known speech at Yale in 1913, “let us cultivate the habit of living each day in watertight compartments, for to bear tomorrow’s burden today, added to yesterday’s, makes the strongest falter[39]“.  

Dear reader: the good fight against the Culture of Fear is hard, but victory offers as reward the joy of living, inner peace and freedom. Keep fighting. Never yield.

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