Environmentalist deceptions: the polar bear’s fairy tale

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One of the icons of today’s environmental movement is the polar bear, supposed victim of the ice melting in the Arctic: its image, isolated on a tiny, sinking ice sheet, has become an effective path to well-meaning individuals’ wallets. The astute journalist, later professional politician Al Gore sensed this in his famous documentary An Inconvenient …

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Environmentalist deceptions: ice meting and sea level alarmism

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How would the environmental movement survive without real or imaginary environmental crises, without fears or imminent threats? In my latest article I explained that today’s environmentalism is nothing but a sad degeneration of the welcomed original environmental movement, which has been gradually infiltrated and contaminated by sinister ideologies, by pagan fanaticism, and obviously by money …

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Today’s environmentalism – a sum of fears and fallacies

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The birth of the original environmental movement was a welcomed event. Anthropocentric, conservationist and full of common sense, it aimed to put an end to excessive pollution caused by selfish, abusive and short-term behaviours, especially in fluids like the air and the water in rivers and oceans where property rights are not easily exercisable and …

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The Trumputin Complot

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It’s always healthy to take what the media portraits with a huge dose of skepticism and another one of common sense. All the evidence suggests that the supposed collusion between the Russian government and Trump is about as credible as the WMDs in Iraq, in other words: it’s a lie, a fabrication, a puerile, stupid …

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Banal technology, the obese State and low productivity

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We live in an era of technological intoxication, in which we all bow down in fascination before the Golden Calf of new technologies. However, we ought to ask ourselves an unpleasant question: are all these technological advances really productive? Why it is, then, that productivity growth has slowed down in developed countries? Given that time …

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Security without responsibility, a road to serfdom

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Man feels uncomfortable with uncertainty, which nonetheless is a law of life. Therefore, although reason may dictate that, more often than not, the promise of security is a fallacy, an elusive mirage, a bait, its irresistible attractiveness as a means to overcome uncertainty makes it an efficient lever of political manipulation. Knowing this, the Welfare …

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Here comes the bogeyman

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After a vicious campaign carried out by both candidates to the Presidency of the United States, based on demonizing the opponent, the winning Republican candidate has led continental European media (especially in Spain) to express a hysterical response verging on obsession. Media unanimity is always a symptom of a loss of freedom. Is the dictatorship …

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