Question marks on covid vaccines

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“Happiness and freedom begin with the clear understanding of one principle: some things are under our control and some things are not”. Epictetus’ wisdom does not permeate the self-sufficiency of contemporary man, nor the leviathan State and its protective sham, nor its politicians, focused only on appearance. Panic and haste, which are responsible for most …

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Mistaken beliefs and abusive policies

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  Politicians insist on torturing us with facemasks, but the scientific evidence is skeptical about their effectiveness. If in March the Journal of the American Medical Association said that “there is no evidence to suggest that facemasks worn by healthy people are effective in preventing people from getting sick with respiratory infections.”[1] a recent Cochrane …

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Project Fear and the tyranny of the incompetents

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The underlying cause of this claustrophobic, sad and ruined Spain is not the Covid itself but rather the tyranny of the incompetents, their ineptitude, their deceptions and their indifference to the suffering of others. Do not link these dictatorial measures, typical of a state of war, with the epidemiological reality, because this typically communist nightmare …

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Trump’s victory

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Europe has always had trouble understanding the United States. Ronald Reagan resurrected his country, was re-elected president by an overwhelming majority (winning in 49 states out of 50 and getting 525 out of 538 Electoral College votes as compared to 24 states and 332 electoral votes in Obama’s reelection), and went down in history for …

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Caution with the Covid vaccine

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Throughout these confusing months, the surprising doubts created about natural immunization by those who had passed the Covid have contrasted with a paradoxical and excessive hope in the arrival of an artificial immunization resulting from a vaccine that, as we will see, we must contemplate with enormous doses of prudence. Since the end of the …

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A country ruined by its political class

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Many years ago, the health minister of an African country argued that garlic and lemon intake was effective in fighting AIDS[1]. With similar scientific rigor, almost all Spanish regional governments now demand the use of masks outdoors even if you are completely alone in the street or in the middle of nowhere. The gold medal …

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The mistake of lockdowns: never again

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In 1968, the third flu pandemic of the 20th century killed at least one million people worldwide (100,000 just in the US), half of them under 65. However, it is seldom remembered, because, although sensible measures were taken such as wearing masks on public transport, ensuring better hand hygiene and avoiding gatherings, no government locked …

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Could Spain end up like Venezuela?

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Venezuela is a tragedy as much as it is a warning. A warning of how a once-rich country can end up oppressed and impoverished by radical socialism and communism (how many more examples will we need?), of how a people can destroy itself deceived by the promises of demagogues and of how a democracy can …

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