Still believing in GDP?

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When the Greek philosopher Plato wrote the “Allegory of the Cave” 2,400 years ago, he was surely thinking about Keynesian economists (that is to say, nearly all economists): a group of men, chained to their convictions, confusing reality with the shadows that the light of real life projects on the wall of their own cave. …

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The European mess

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The European set-up of today, that is, the one represented by the Brussels-based bureaucratic mammoth, the unelected representatives of 500 million citizens, the nineteen sterile and increasingly pathetic anti-crisis summits and the sloppy political invention of the euro, that European organization is in deep trouble, shaken on top of its three unstable pillars: France, the …

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Austerity and reality

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Austerity is the latest buzzword. In the good old days it used to be regarded as a virtue; today it only seems to mean bitter difficulty, severity and harshness. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that austerity has brought so much criticism with it: easy tasks attract far more volunteers than difficult ones. However, …

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