Is it possible to live the epidemic differently?

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Every July and August some 65,000 people die in Spain, of which approximately 20,000 die from cardiovascular diseases, 18,000 from cancer, 6,500 from respiratory diseases and 3,500 from diseases of the digestive system. Some 600 people commit suicide, 200 die in car accidents and a similar number drown on beaches or in swimming pools. Nobody …

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Fear as an instrument of power

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The terrible drip of death and suffering we have experienced with the pandemic has created a collective trauma aggravated by the cruel lockdown and depressing hammering of media sensationalism, which has created a distorted image of SARS-CoV-2. Likewise, some specialists’ opinions have translated into unnecessary levels of uncertainty by discrediting, with excessive empiricism, that which …

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Lockdowns as totalitarian experiments

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In countries freer than ours, criticism is growing of this shortsighted and panicked reaction called lockdown, with its brutal social and economic consequences and whose long-term health effectiveness is beginning to be called into question. In the words of Stanford biology professor and Nobel laureate Michael Levitt, “there is no doubt in my mind what …

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